In this year’s Father’s Day Gift Guide, we’re excited to share a really fantastic selection of our favorite Father’s Day gifts under $20. Because hey, you don’t have to spend a ton to get some amazing Father’s Day gifts. We’ve truly scoured the corners of the web to find the coolest gifts for all kinds of dads, and — yay! — so much of it is on sale right now.

In the past we’ve shared plenty of the best Father’s Day gifts under $15 — and hey they’re all still fantastic. But we thought we’d go up just a wee bit and open things up, should you be up for spending $16 or $17 or maybe even $19.99.

This being 2020 and all, we’ll be skipping the movie tickets and the coupon for him to spend a day bowling with his friends. Still, we think you can find a Father’s Day gift that’s just perfect for your #1 Dad, Grandpa, Stepdad, or whichever special father figure you’re celebrating on Father’s Day this year.

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Cool Father's Day gifts under $20:  Fill-in-the-blank keepsake book

Dad, I Wrote a Book About You | $13.32, Amazon
You fill in the prompts, he has a keepsake forever. (Also at top)

1Up Card Vintage Video Cartridge Cleaning Set: Father's Day gifts under $20

1Up Carrd Video Game Cartridge Cleaning Set | $16.95, Amazon
Does he still have his Gameboy? This helps restore old school games for Nintendo, Super NES, N64, and more.

Native Union Silicone AirPods Case: Best Father's Day gifts under $20

Native Union Silicone AirPods Case | $19.99, Nordstrom
His AirPods are the last thing he wants to break or lose right now. Besides his phone.

Cool Father's Day Gifts under $20: Best Quarantine Dad Ever Mug

Best Quarantine Dad Ever coffee mug | $15, Cute But Rude
Because it’s true. Hopefully.


Cool Father's Day gifts under $20:  Solitaire chess strategy game

Solitaire Chess Logic Game | $16.99, Amazon
For when he wants to keep Family Game Night going…and you’re all ready for bed.


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Cool but practical Father's Day gifts: Cast iron grill press

Cast Iron Grill Press | $10.36 on sale, Sur la Table
If he’s already got all the tools he needs, this is a great way to get those burgers leaner, that bacon flatter, or those paninis perfect.

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Cool Father's Day gifts under $20: #1 dad trophy cookies at Sweet by Nature

Cool Father's Day gifts under $20:  Papa Bear cookies at Sweet by Nature

Father’s Day Cookie Gift Boxes| $6-10, Sweet by Nathalie
So many cute designs here, hard to just pick one


Cool but practical Father's Day gifts: Sandalwood beard pick from Evan Alex Grooming for that quarantine beard

Handcrafted Wooden Beard Pick in Sandalwood | $12.97, Evan Alexander Groomin
Also featured in our list of Cool but Practical Father’s Day Gifts, it’s so perfect for that quarantine beard.

Cool Father's Day gifts under $20: vintage looking 80s VHS journal

80s nostalgia VHS journal | $10, Denik
For plotting, journaling, or just making a list of all the 80s bands he thinks you should know


Cool Father's Day gifts under $15: Custom baseball

Custom Printed Baseball | $15.99, Game Ball Workshop
A great little desk object — just don’t mistake it for one you play with.

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Cool Father's Day gifts under $20:  Herschel supply Dopp kit on sale

Herschel Supply Dopp kit in Black | $15.35 on sale, Nordstrom
If you’re feeling generous, fill it with a favorite product he loves.

Cool Father's Day gifts under $20:  Corksicle insulated wine glass on sale

Corksickle Insulated Stemless Wine Glass | $19.99 on sale, Williams-Sonoma
For socially distant toasting in the backyard or up on the roof


Cool Father's Day gifts under $20:  I LoveUs: A Book about our family with your own family tree to fill in

I Love Us: A Book About Family | $8.99, Target
Perfect gift from the baby or toddler. The fill-in-the blank family tree makes it a keepsake as well as a bedtime story.

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Cool Father's Day gifts under $20: Awesome like my daughters t-shirt

Awesome Like My Daughters Tee| $18.95, Gorilla Rex
Of course as daughters ourselves, we may be a little biased here

Cool Father's Day gifts under $20:  Pride socks

Pride Dress Socks | $11.95, Gent Supply Co
Of course if you have two dads, you’ll need two pairs.

Cool Father's Day gifts under $20:  Sneaker Cleaning Kit by Jason Markk

Jason Markk Sneaker Cleaning Kit | $16, MoMA Store with 20% discount for members
It’s gotta be the shoes. (He’ll know the reference.)

Cool Father's Day gifts under $20: Hustle Harder: The 50 Cent Biography

Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson | $16.79, Amazon
The legend behind the man behind the legend


Bushwick Kitchen Weak Knees Sriracha: Great Father's Day gifts under $15

Bushwick Kitchen Weak Knees Cochujang Sriracha | $10.99, Amazon
This stuff is amazing. A-ma-zing. And every ingredient sourced from this company supports local purveyors.

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Cool gifts under $20 for Father's Day: Cozy sweatshirt from H&M

Comfy Men’s Sweatshirt in Multiple Colors | $14.99, H&M
Perhaps he has one that uh…needs replacing?


Cool Father's Day gifts under $20:  Hashtag goals personalized notepad

Hashtag Goals Personalized Notepad | $8.99, Shutterfly
You may say he’s a dreamer.

Mug with his favorite NCAA team: Father's Day gifts under $20

Cafe Mug with his favorite NCAA team | $14.99, Target
Well, he can always watch reruns

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Cool Father's Day gifts under $20:  Personalized stepdad artwork

Personalize 8 x 10 Stepdad Artwork | $7/instant download – $18/printed,  Little Tree Lane Design)
He’ll appreciate this more than you can imagine.


Cool Father's Day gifts under $20:  Williams-Sonoma Classic Apron

Classic Apron | $19.99 on sale in selected colors, Williams-Sonoma
For grilling, gardening, or Sunday morning French Toast. Just not this particular Sunday.


Cool Father's Day gifts under $20: Ndakter resettable bike combination lock

Resettable Combination Bike or Stroller Lock  | $15.99, Amazon
Because the gym is still closed. (Or should be.)


Father's Day gifts: Donation to Feeding America's Covid-19 Response

Image: @FeedingAmerica on Instagram

A donation to a meaningful charity | Give generously
Here: the Covid-19 Response Fund of Feeding America. Every dollar goes directly to food banks around the country.

Father's Day gift: Cool handmade facemark from LLMKL

Handmade Face Mask | $11.98, LLMKL
Saving lives: So on trend this year.