Well. This certainly has been an interesting start to Anti-Bullying Month.

After four years of strife, anger, division, hatred, bullying…I can safely say that parents are tired. I know I’m tired of apologizing to my kids that they have to grow up seeing the worst of America from the highest levels of leadership. But we also talk about what we can do about it, instead of just complaining or tuning it out.

We’re putting together a list of action ideas for your kids who aren’t yet old enough to vote but want to make change — and in the meanwhile, one stood out to me as being so wonderful, I couldn’t wait to share it.

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The #HatNotHate loom kit from Creativity for Kids is just a lovely idea. Created in partnership with Shira Blumenthal’s anti-bullying association, Hat Not Hate, the kit includes everything kids 7 and up need to make two blue hats featuring the hashtag — one to wear themselves, and one to give to a friend or sibling. This way, they can be part of the blue hat movement, without needing pro knitting skills.

#hatnothate loom kit for kids supporting anti-bullying initiatives

The Hat Not Hate craft box supporting the anti-bullying organization


It’s a terrific gift to remind kids what we stand for as a family. Plus I love any idea that helps kids feel empowered to do something to make change in the world, no matter how small.

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While they knit on the round loom, it’s a perfect opportunity for parents to sit with them and talk about bullying, and reinforce all the ways we can stand up to it. Whether they’re seeing bullying in their peer group, at school, or you know, in Washington.


Find the Hat Not Hate Quick Knit Loom craft kit  from our affiliate Amazon or online through Faber-Castell. You can also find them in your local independent craft and toy shops.

Learn more about the work of HateNotHate.org on their website.