Last week, I stumbled into a wonderful idea thanks to a conversation with a friend about how tough these days re lately: Start the morning by naming “one good thing” you are going to do that day.

Whatever that means to you.

It inspired the most diverse, inspired array ideas from so many friends and followers, we couldn’t wait to discuss it on this week’s podcast. Because we hope  it can help some of you get through each crazy day too.

One Good Thing: A tip for starting your day with positivity and realizing it wasn't all bad (even when it feels that way) | Spawned podcast from
Via @mom101 on Instagram. Okay, so there’s more than one. That’s okay!

So this week, we’re sharing “one good thing” ideas to inspire you, from political action and activism ideas, little things you can do for others, little things you can do for yourself, gratitude ideas and self-care in all its many forms.

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Some links from this week’s episode:

– The original One Good Thing thread archived on Instagram Storie
Jake Knapp episode on making more time for the things you love
Nancy Kho Davis episode about thankfulness
Sending postcards to voters and other ideas to GOTV
Gratitude journals
– Making gratitude garlands
– Some of our favorite self-care gifts for moms
What happened when Kristen put down her phone around her kids

Our cool picks of the week:

Kristen: Try these brilliant snack tray ideas for at-home learners, from food bloggers including our friend Stacie Billis

Liz:  Read Monica Lewinsky’s exquisite Vanity Fair article about the need for mental health care and psychological support during the pandemic.

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