Stronger than an off-the-record anonymous White House source.
More powerful than a mask worn under your nose.
Able to get more Americans believing in science in a single press conference.

It’s epidemiologist Dr.Anthony S Fauci!

And soon, he’ll be available as your very own Dr. Fauci Action Figure.

The Dr Fauci Action Figure. It's real! Here's how to get yours

From FCTRY, the same Brooklyn-based makers of the RBG action figure that now sits on many a homemade shrine (we covered it as a favorite Mother’s Day gift last year) comes a brand new, super popular Kickstarter campaign offering the Dr. Fauci action figure for just a $20 donation.

Hey, that’s not even the price of a two-pack of Bounty Paper Towels on Amazon these days! Bargain!

Preorder yours now through the Kickstarter site, and everyone’s favorite truth-telling Coronavirus Task Force Executive Member — or um, maybe the only truth-telling Coronavirus Task Force Executive Member? — can sit on your desk too, ready to reassure you every time you need a reminder that there are independent-thinking, science-minded experts fighting really hard to end this stupid pandemic.

While you’re on Kickstarter, you can also preorder your own Speaker Pelosi action figure — the first to come with her own PPE — or find a brand new Biden and Harris action figure set through the FCTRY site. Though I imagine that the Fauci figure may have a higher approval rating than pretty much anyone these days.

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