I know I’m not alone when I say I’m obsessed with The Crown. And I would happily take any The Crown gift this Christmas, because escaping to 80s London, if only through my screen, has been a very nice retreat from our home these days.

(Even if we all have strong…feelings about what’s his name, Diana’s husband, around here.)

If you too are trying to find the perfect gift for The Crown fans in your own life, I’ve got you! We’ve all been brainstorming and shopping online — and yes, consulting my mom who texted me every darn day for weeks telling me how many days left until Season 4 launched on Netflix. With that, here are some terrific ideas that the ultimate fan of The Crown would love this holiday season, from simple and affordable to veddy veddy extravagant.

15 gifts for the ultimate fans of The Crown, from affordable treats to veddy expensive indulgences

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Gifts for The Crown fans: This God Save the Queen mug is just so British.

I still get chills thinking of the moment in season 1 when Philip approaches Elizabeth at her coronation, bows, and the chant “God Save the Queen” echoes through the cathedral. Maybe that’s why this God Save the Queen mug (item no longer available)  by Emma Bridgewater caught my eye. This is made in a small Victorian English town called Stoke-on-Trent, which is so…just, lovely. If you want an authentic British gift on a budget, this is a great one.

Gifts for The Crown fans: A portrait of the queen...by Andy Warhol.

Warhol’s Elizabeth II

While Andy Warhol’s original portrait of Queen Elizabeth II may be out of your price range, All Posters offers gorgeous prints with all kinds of framing options.  It’s decidedly modern; probably something Princess Margaret would have liked more than her sister.

And hey, maybe add an IOU for a future trip to see the original at the National Portrait Gallery could go with it?


Gifts for The Crown fans: A biography about their favorite character.

The perfect book for fans of The Crown

If watching the show has made you more and more curious about those “side-character” royals, you’re in luck. There are tons of great books about the royal family. If you find yourself wishing you knew more about Philip, you can learn more with The Mountbattens by Andrew Lownie (Amazon) or Young Prince Philip: His Turbulent Early Life  by Philip Eade (Indiebound or Amazon) or even Alice: Princess Andrew of Greece (Indiebound or Amazon) Hugo Vickers’ book about Philip’s eccentric and intriguing mother.

Of course it’s Diana that everyone wants to know more about these days, and I have to recommend Remembering Diana: A Life in Photographs with a foreword by Tina Brown (Indiebound or  Amazon), the exquisite book of photographs that made so many fall in love with her again. Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words is the biography by Andrew Morton that was written with her cooperation and the revised 25th anniversary edition reveals even more about a life cut short.

Then of course, there’s The Crown: The Official Companion Vol II (Indiebound or Amazon) by Robert Lacey, which is like a narrative retelling of the later seasons of the series, and the perfect gift for any hard-core fan.


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Gifts for The Crown fans: Princess Diana's infamous Black Sheep sweater

Diana’s Black Sheep Sweater

Remember Diana’s sweater that started such a controversy? This season my memory was jogged when Diana wears this iconic sheep sweater from Rowing Blazers to attend Charles’s polo match. Back in the ’80s it sold out everywhere, and after 25 years the company has brought it back and is currently offering pre-orders. Even though a lucky The Crown fan will have to wait until the holidays are over for this gift,  it’s the ultimate tribute for any hard-core Diana fan.

PS We’ve also included one of the face masks from the shop in our top 10 favorite gifts for men in 2020, and that’s a cool, affordable nod to the series as well.

Gift ideas for The Crown fans: Corgi salt and pepper shakers from Central Crafts Co is a fun nod to the queen's favorite pets.

Corgi salt and pepper shakers

The Queen is never without her corgis, and the ultimate fan shouldn’t be either. Right? While an actual corgi might not be the best gift, this corgi salt-and-pepper shaker set (item no longer available)  at Central Crafts Co is a fun nod to Carol, Crackers, Ranger, Piper…and all the other corgis the Queen has loved over the years.



Gift ideas for The Crown fans: The official coronation tea pot commissioned by Buckingham Palace.

Official coronation tea pot

Of course, tea. I went straight to the ultimate English department store, Harrods, to find the perfect tea pot for The Crown fans. Yes, it ships from England. Yes, it’s pricey. But this official coronation tea pot was commissioned by Buckingham Palace, handcrafted in Staffordshire, and honors the Queen’s coronation in 1953. It’s a lovely collector’s piece for any serious fan, of both tea and the royals.

Gifts for The Crown fans: A lovely tea tray and storage set, from Uncommon Goods. Filled with their favorite British teas, of course.

Tea tray assortment

For a more affordable and practical tea-related idea, I think this lovely steep-and-serve tea tray (item no longer available)  filled with an assortment of teas would make a wonderful gift. May we suggest English Breakfast tea, English Afternoon teaPrince of Wales black tea, and of course the Queen’s favorite: Twinings Earl Grey tea, with a bit of milk and no sugar.

Gift ideas for The Crown fans: A wool throw in the Queen's favorite vintage dress Stewart tartan.

Stewart Tartan plaid throw

One gift for The Crown fan in your life who’s as practical as the Queen herself is this vintage dress Stewart tartan plaid throw from Pendleton, featuring Elizabeth’s preferred tartan plaid. It comes in several color schemes. but I like this classic version, which feels Christmas-y too.

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Gift ideas for The Crown fans: A young Elizabeth II phone case.

Queen Elizabeth II portrait iPhone case

For the modern fan who loves the vintage style of the young queen,  this Queen Elizabeth II phone case at Society 6 is perfect. It’s simple and elegant, yet totally functional. And it shows off that confidence I love about her.


Gift ideas for The Crown fans: A handmade Union Jack Christmas ornament from Shop Christmas on Etsy.

Handmade Union Jack ornament

It is the holidays, after all, and all Anglophiles need a handmade Union Jack ornament for their tree, don’t you think? This one is from  Shop Christmas on Etsy and while it ships from England, the shipping cost is under $10 and gets here in plenty of time to hang on your tree.

Gift ideas for The Crown fans: A picnic hamper full of British treats from Fortnum & Mason

An English treat picnic hamper

If you think they’ll fancy a biscuit or some sweets straight from England, this iconic Fortnum & Mason picnic hamper available at Williams-Sonoma is loaded with authentic British treats like shortbread, Shropshire honey, ginger biscuits and more.

For the same idea on a smaller scale, order an assortment of British candies from Myers of Keswick, which every proper London ex-pat in New York’s West Village knows as the place to shop for a taste of home.

Yu can also check your local grocery’s international section; even my own down south has a nice smattering of English candy bars and other treats, along with some nice shortbread to go with tea (PG Tips perhaps?) after your Christmas dinner.


Gift ideas for The Crown fans: A future visit to Balmoral.

A trip to Balmoral

If you’ve been saving up all your vacation funds from 2020, splurge big on a promised future visit to Balmoral. Imagine you’re going stalking with the Queen, followed by a game of ibble dibble before bed. To tide you over while you wait, get in the full English spirit on Christmas day by listening to the Queen’s annual Christmas Day speech, which will be streaming on the official Royal Family Twitter account.


Gift ideas for The Crown fans: A donation to HALO, in honor of Diana's legacy

A donation to HALO

If you’re looking for a special gift a true Princess Diana fan, then consider a donation to HALO and support one of her favorite causes. She was so fiercely dedicated to removing landmines from Angola and other countries around the world, and this important work is still going on today. They remain committed to a landmine-free world by 2025, and a tribute donation is a wonderful way to honor someone you love…and their own affection for Princess Diana.