Style and beauty gifts for women who are over 40, fabulous, and who DGAF


You know all those lists about things you shouldn’t wear over 40? Over 50? Over 60? Yeah, let’s throw those all out the window. (That’s the nicest way we could put it.)

The cool thing about hitting 40 — and beyond — is she gets to be a grown-ass lady who can own all her gloriousness any way she sees fit. 

Style and beauty gifts for women who are over 40, fabulous, and who DGAF




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Faux Leather Spanx Leggings

Swap out regular leggings. Wear these with anything. Repeat. 

$98, Nordstrom


Fairy Hair Glitter Extensions

This shop offers starter kits and instructions — or make an appointment at a salon. 

$20 for strands or $40 for starter kit, Goddess Glitter Hair


Another Hole, Another Cuff, Another Hoop, Another Drop

We’re so in love with everything at this shop. Fine jewelry with just the right amount of edge. 

Prices vary, The Last Line LA


$62.50, Nordstrom


Fenty Avalanche All-Over Metallic Powder Set

(item no longer available) 

For the woman who radiates from the inside out.

$49 on sale, Sephora


La Diabla Denim Jacket

(item no longer available)

Don’t you kind of want one for everyone in your girl gang?

$98, Ilse Valfre

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If it’s fabulous, useful, or necessary, you don’t want to lose it. The Tile Bluetooth-enabled tracking tags and now, stickers, help you find lost items in seconds: Your keys, your sunglasses, your wallet, your phone, your camera, your hot new handbag…you get the picture. 

Attach the tags or stickers to anything you don’t want to lose — say, some of those new holiday gifts you’re buying? — and use your phone to locate it by sound or see it on a map. Brilliant! And we use Tile ourselves, so we can totally vouch for how awesome they are.


The Body is Not an Apology: The Radical Power of Self-Love

Sonya Renee Taylor will make you feel all the things. 

$11.49 or $4.49 on Kindle, Amazon
(or support a local woman-owned bookstore!)


$139.95, Nordstrom


Chanel Radiant in Red Set

Red lipstick: Total power move.

$88, Nordstrom


That Tattoo She’s Always Wanted

We’re utterly captivated by the incredible watercolor tattoo art of Emma Grace who’s just outside NYC.
Check out her work on @emmagracetattoo and you just may want one too.

Prices vary, Emma Grace at Painted Soul Arts, Montclair, NJ


Warrior 3 Shadow Palette by Juvia’s Place

She can rock these electric colors to go dancing, or to pick up the kids at school.  

$20, Ulta


Slip for beauty sleep Slipsilk Pure Silk Pillowcase

Walking up with no creases in our faces, no bedhead, sounds like a dream to us. 

$85+, Nordstrom