Every year, we love to share our most popular Spawned podcast episodes. It’s always fun to see which topics and guests resonated the most with you, our awesome listeners. And if you’re new to our podcast, well, here’s the perfect opportunity to get to know us a little better with the episodes that people loved most.

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10. Can I send my kids back to school during Covid-19?

No surprise that we’ve got a few Covid-19 related podcasts that made our top 10 list. Certainly, the decision that parents had to make about schooling their kids was one of the toughest. We’re so glad our conversation was so helpful.

Top 10 Spawned parenting podcast episodes of 2020: Tips for building creativity with kids, with Joy Cho of Oh Joy!

9. Joy Cho of Oh Joy! on encouraging creativity in kids

You can’t help but be inspired by Joy Cho, who was full of some wildly clever ideas on how to encourage creativity in our kids, which these days can be a bit of a challenge when you’re competing with screens.

8. Valentine’s Day crafts and activities you can do with your kids

Wow, two of our Valentine’s Day shows make the top 10. We’re definitely feeling the love.

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7. Helping teens who are struggling with social distancing, isolation, and loss

Our guest (and Kristen’s dear friend) Tina Montagna-Tate, MA ATR-BC, had some amazing tips and advice on dealing with teens who were (and perhaps still are) struggling with the challenges of social distancing and the isolation the pandemic has brought. It’s still a worthy listen even now, months later.

6. Smart, surprising ways to foster real connections with your kids, with Dr. Sheryl Ziegler

We were so pleased to chat with Dr. Sheryl Ziegler about connecting with our kids. Her expert advice clearly resonated with so many of you, and with us.

Top 10 Spawned parenting podcast episodes of 2020: It's okay to say vagina!

5. It’s okay to say vagina!

Talking to kids about sex is no easy feat, but our awesome guest, Dr. Heidi Croatt, made it so much easier.

4. Our almost totally LIVE super fun Valentine’s Day episode, with Robert Wilder

Hooray! Our first ever almost totally live episode made the list, which means, do we need to do more of these? Perhaps next year when we can all sit in the same room again. Guest Robert Wilder, lead writer at Meet Cute, shared why we need rom-coms, as well as some other fun Valentine’s Day stuff we all had a laugh about.

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3. Special coronavirus episode: How to talk to our kids and teens, with Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg

We are huge fans of Dr. Ken Ginsburg, who has been a guest on our podcast before. His advice on how to talk to kids and teens about Covid-19 was extremely helpful. If you’re not familiar with his work, grab all his books now. He’s fantastic.

2. How to protect your kids from the real dangers in life. Like werewolves. And woolly mammoths.

Our good friend and cool dad James Breakwell returned for another fun/funny episode. He makes doing our jobs as hosts super easy. And we learned a little thing or two about how to protect our kids from non-existent things.

Top 10 Spawned parenting podcast episodes of 2020: Tackling the hardest part of parenting: Discipline

1. Tackling one of the trickiest parts of parenting: Discipline.

Congrats to our #1 episode, which covers something we know all parents have struggled with: discipline. It’s a topic that many parents have lots of questions about, and we hope this episode served to answer some of them (or hey, maybe all of them!)