Today we’re talking about one of our very favorite subjects, how to support small businesses this holiday, during a year that needs it more than ever.

After nearly 15 years, we’ve become quite the experts (if we do say so ourselves!) and so we’re sharing some of our very favorite tips and tricks with you that can help keep your own community going this holiday. Not to mention, some wonderful, worthy small businesses all around the country.

We think you’ll find it helpful, inspiring, and even fun!  Take a listen right now right here, through Apple Podcasts or your own favorite podcasting app.

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Some of the tips and ideas you’lll hear in this episode:

How to support small business this holiday, now more than ever: Tips and advice on Spawned Parenting Podcast with Kristen + Liz ep 222

– surprising places in your own community to find gifts
– ways your gifts can support local restaurants, beyond some of the tips we wrote here
– Who we’re tipping, how much, and why.
– how to use food delivery apps to send local gifts
– the brilliant Etsy tip that we always use
– the new Cool Mom Picks bookshop on Indiebound, supporting indie bookstores.
– how to find sales on favorite web shops that don’t seem to be advertised
– clever ways to book fun lessons and experience gifts — with a shoutout to my daughter’s voice teacher Amy Marie Stewart, and  Casa Sociale’s YouTube cooking class series,which is just hilarious.
– how to support small businesses through sites like Amazon — with shoutouts to mom-run game-makers Not Parent Approved on Amazon, and Eunique Jones’s Culture Tags, now available at Target.

And, we talk about how to support your favorite indie publishers and podcasters…like, Cool Mom Picks and Spawned! (Yes, those kind 5-star reviews really really do make a difference for our own small business.)

Top image: Tim Mossholder via Unsplash

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Our cool picks of the week (surprise!):

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