What parent among us has not joked, complained, or (possibly) cried about stepping on a LEGO brick at some point since having kids? Exactly. That’s why I’m not sure which I love more — the Adidas x LEGO sneaker collection,Ā featuring sneakers that look like LEGOs, Ā or the Adidas x LEGO Superstar Shoe, featuring LEGOs that look like sneakers.

Bear with me.

So first, the actual sneakers.

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The new Adidas x Lego classic Superstars reinvented with the iconic block design
Adidas Superstar x LEGO shoes in green

If you want to send your kids back to school with the coolest kicks for the pre-k playground or the high school gym in 2021, these definitely fit the description. Even our roundup of theĀ 20 of the coolest backpacks for teensĀ includes a sporty Adidas backpack because the brand is smokin’ hot these days.

But hey, they’re not just for kids! The collab also includes more classic styles for men and women, like the Original Superstars or the Ultraboost DNA running shoes.

Some more of my favorites for the whole family are below.



The new Adidas x Lego ultra boost DNA sneakers for children in lots of colors

The new Adidas x Lego ultra boost DNA sneakers for kids

Adidas Ultraboost DNA x LEGO for adults and children


The classic Adidas Superstar Sneakers gets an update with a LEGO partnership

Adidas Superstar x LEGO shoes


The new Adidas x LEGO sport runners for kids in lots of colors

Adidas x Lego Sport Shoes for kids and adults

Adidas x LEGO UltraBoost Running shoes for kidsĀ 


The new Adidas x LEGO collection inecludes Adidas Forum 360 sneakers for kids

Adidas Forum 360 x LEGO children’s shoes


The new Adidas x Lego superstar toddler shoes. Yes, they're real shoes!

Adidas Superstar 360 x LEGO toddler and infant shoes

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So fantastic, right? I love the way they’re built (get it?) right down to the smart design details. Even the soles are pretty rad.

Of course, such high-concept sneaker fabulousity doesn’t come cheap; the infant and toddler shoes start at about $45, the kids’ shoes start at $65, and the adult sneakers? Oof. They go all the way up to $180 for those amazing Ultraboost DNAs.

That said, they do protect your feet from stepping on actual LEGO bricks so that’s got to be worth something.

But wait, as they say…there’s more!

Now bear with me because this is a little confusing, but LEGO and Adidas didn’t just collaborate to make LEGO sneakers, but to make Adidas LEGOs.

The new Lego x Adidas set of blocks for your favorite runner or sneaker head

The new Adidas lego set: Looks like a shoe, but feels like stepping on real legos! (because you would be)

This way, your favorite runner, sneakerhead or Adidas fan can build their own LEGO replica of the Adidas Superstar Shoe, as in the kind you can’t wear and that would definitely hurt if you tried to step into it.

Hey, it’s up to you.