Move over, fidget spinners! Thanks to all the new fidget toys that our kids are loving, you spinners have just been relegated to the junk drawer. (Say hi to those dead batteries for me.) In fact,I think these are even more fun than their predecessors.

By now most of us are familiar with the benefits of fidget toys, which can help reduce stress by keeping hands occupied, while being mindless enough to not be too distracting. And with back-to-school season this year bringing up a lot of feelings for so many of our kids — and their parents! —  I think these fidget toys are a solid screen-free way to help them manage the wigglies.

Here, just a few of my favorite cool fidget toys right now.

Top: Speks magnetic ball fidget toy | Get Speks 

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Fidget toys for kids beyond spinners

7 cool fidget toys that aren't spinners. Because those are so 2019.

7 cool fidget toys that aren't spinners: Speks magnetic ball toy | Get Speks

How gorgeous is this Speks magnetic ball fidget toy?  I think this kind of fidget toy will be just as soothing to look at as it is to play with, plus it’s the toy that perhaps allows the most creativity and ingenuity of all the fidget toys I found. I do recommend getting one of their cool display stands so that your creations don’t end up stuck to a pair or scissors — or a laptop. Plus, so many colors to choose from. Covetable!

PS Speks also makes our list of the coolest gift ideas for teens. They really are.


7 cool fidget toys that aren't spinners: Rainbow popper fidget toy | Amazon

Am I the only one who’s noticed a Cambrian explosion of these kinds of popper style fidget toys over the last year? We’ve heard them called “infinite bubble wrap” and that’s kind of genius. My own kids are obsessed too, and I love that the toy is simple enough that even my toddler can play with it.

This rainbow popper fidget toy on Amazon caught my eye, but there are so many variations out there, you can find exactly what your kid wants — heart shapes, burgers and fries, unicorns and dinosaurs, a rainbow pineapple (at top), even Among Us poppers! And yes, that’s still a thing.

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7 cool fidget toys that aren't spinners: True Balance junior fidget toy | Fat Brain Toys

Center yourself (literally, heh) with this cool True Balance junior fidget toy (at top). I’ve played with one myself, and they are surprisingly meditative. There’s an adult version too, in case you need a break from work that’s not scrolling your feeds.


Fidget toys for teens or adults: This shape-shifting box comes in so many great patterns


If you’re looking for a fidget toy for an older kid or teen, check out the cool Shape Shifting Cubes by Shashibo. They’re part game, part fidget toy, come in lots of cool patterns, and let you form 70+ shapes. Not the best idea for classroom time, but great for other fidget moments when hands need to stay busy. These also make a fun addition to a camp care package or birthday gift for kids 8 and up; Liz sent this fidget toy to her own daughter this summer and she loves it.


7 cool fidget toys that aren't spinners: Infinity cube | Amazon

Alternately, check out these cool infinity cubes, which are truly mesmerizing to watch as you transform them all kinds of ways. Nice price point, too.

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7 cool fidget toys that aren't spinners: Magnetic ring fidget toy | Amazon

If twirling something on your fingers while you talk, study, or listen to a lecture is what calms you, definitely check out this magnetic rings fidget toy I found. There are a lot of cheaper dupes out there, so be sure you get one with real magnets.







7 cool fidget toys that aren't spinners: Tangle fidget toy | Amazon

This is another clever fidget toy option  that really spans a wide age range. My 4-year-old son enjoys this tangle fidget toy we found on Amazon, but I think it will keep older kids entertained too.

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7 cool fidget toys that aren't spinners: Decadon fidget toy | Amazon

If your kid wants a variety of fidget motions in one toy, try this decadon fidget toy, which seems kind of like the Bop-It of fidget toys. Except, there’s no abrasive buzzing if you miss a beat! Because the goal is to reduce stress here — that goes for nearby parents and siblings, too.