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If there’s one thing parents can unify around it’s that we could all use a lot more sleep. (Well, we all pretty unanimously like Ted Lasso too. But that’s another story.) The one issue: It’s hard! Our minds are busy with the never-ending to-do list, we may be dealing with aches and pains, and honestly, it’s just hard to wind down at the end of the day lately.

It’s like our bodies say SLEEP and our minds say NOT QUITE YET and it’s frustrating.

Enter DreamĀ from Beam.

There’s good reason that the Dream Night Time Sleep PowderĀ has become a runaway best-seller — it’s helping thousands of adults get more sleep — and not just Ā more sleep, but better quality sleep too.

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If you're having trouble getting a good night's sleep, Dream sleep powder from Beam helps 99% of users get a better night sleep thanks to vitamins, minerals, melatonin and more (sponsor)

Dream powder is a sleep-enhancing blend of vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, reishi, L-theanine, and nano CBD.

Add it to warm milk or hot water and you’ve got a relaxing, delicious cup of hot cocoa (mmmm) made from organic cacao with a touch of cinnamon. No calories, no added sugar, no GMOs, no gluten, and no guilt.

The results are pretty amazing. After taking Dream, 99% of users surveyed said they felt an improvement in quality of sleep, 98% fell asleep faster, 97% feel more energized the next day. Ā Nine out of ten people even noticed increased productivity the morning after taking Dream Powder.

That’s a product definitely made for these stressful times.

You can even subscribe to have Dream delivered to your door every month so you don’t run out. Hey, if something works when it comes to sleep, you’ll definitely want to keep it going.

Looking for help with sleep?Ā Order Dream through this link and CMP readers canĀ try 10 nights of Dream for just $35.Ā  You’ll get a freeĀ frother and mug with your subscription too.

Dream sleep powder is a natural blend of vitamins, minerals, melatonin and nano CBD to help you fall asleep and have better quality of sleep when you do (sponsor)


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