As the mom of teen girls, I know that DIY gifts for teenage girls can be so wonderful — not just to make for your own teen, but for teenage girls to make for their friends. They don’t require a whole lot of money, but handmade gifts certainly give all the right holiday messages.

And of course these gift ideas are not only for teenage girls! All teens, tweens, and even younger kids—with some help—will have a blast making and wrapping up these special, one-of-a-kind gifts.

And hey, you don’t have to be a girl at all to want some of these cool DIY gift ideas. (Boys like coffee and hot chocolate bombs too, right?)

If you’re looking for DIY gifts for teens with more sophisticated tastes, don’t miss our companion post on last-minute DIY holiday gifts for friends and family.

Oh, and the thing about teens? They do everything last-minute. So they’ve got plenty of time in teen-land to make any of these fun handmade gifts.

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Top photos: DIY après ski sweater, François et Moi
Pop Tart pillows, Aww Sam
DIY cotton candy lip scrub recipe, Bitz & Giggles


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Thoughtful and easy DIY gifts for teenage girls to make for their friends

You don’t need to be a wildly crafty DIYer to make these gifts. Just a little motivation and some simple supplies, and you’ve got some gifts that the other teenage girls (and boys!) in your life will adore.


DIY gifts for teenage girls: Chalkboard ornament

Your teens can add their own special message to these DIY chalkboard ornaments from Birds Eye Meeple

Super artistic kids can of course paint their own ornaments but anyone at all can make these DIY painted chalkboard ornaments using the tutorial from Birds Eye Meeple. Just a few minutes of painting, and a few minutes more of coming up with the perfect message. It’s a cool way for kids to share their favorite inside jokes, movie quotes, meme humor, and other stuff that we adults aren’t supposed to understand in the least.

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DIY gifts for teenage girls: No-sew Pop Tart pillow

Cute Pop Tart pillow craft for teens to make for holiday gifts

Colorful and fun, they’ll be able to whip up a whole box of DIY Pop Tart pillows for their friends with these easy instructions from Aww Sam.

DIY gifts for teenage girls: A homemade bookmark tucked into a coveted new book

Teens can make this DIY bookmark using the tutorial from The Confetti Bar

So fun! These colorful and useful DIY confetti bookmarks can be filled with school colors or their besties’ favorite shades. (We have a few “all black, please” kids around here and that works too.) The instructions from The Confetti Bar are easy and these stitch together in a snap with a sewing machine or a fuse tool some of you more crafty families may own.

Best children's books of 2020: Amazon's editors' picks for best YA books of 2020

Even better: Have your teen tuck one into a great book their friends want to read. Check this list of the best YA books of all time, which is just awesome, or the award-winning YA books of 2020 to read in 2021, like the ones seen above. Of course it’s easy enough to shop a local bookstore (no shipping costs!) for manga, thrillers, rom-coms, biographies, humor, or whatever books their friends love to read.

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DIY gifts for teenage girls: Lip Balm Key Chain

DIY Lip Balm Keychain: Fun DIY gift for teenage girls to make for friends via Buggy & Buddy

If their friends are all starting to drive (gulp), it’s a thoughtful DIY holiday gift to whip up their own keychains. One idea: this  cool lip balm keychain, which looks impressive but just requires a few basics from your local craft store or Michael’s. Follow the instruction from Buggy & Buddy — they use Beauty Counter lip balms but you can of course you hand cream too. Or hey, do it using a portable hand sanitizer instead. Very 2021.

Alternatively, check out this cute, and very easy “Shrinky Dink” style key chain made using recycled takeout containers that you already may have on hand. Just follow the clear instructions from Artsy Fartsy Mama.

DIY gifts for teenage girls: A succulent in a gold-dipped planter

DIY gold-dipped succulent planter tutorial from Homey Oh My: Fabulous DIY gifts for teenage girls

Our teens are still super into succulent plants — hey, they let you forget about them for a long time and that’s something teen girls are really good at! While it’s easy and affordable to just buy a tiny succulent from a local florist or garden shop, they can make it a more special gift with this tutorial for diy gold-dipped succulent planters from Homey Oh My. Love!


DIY gifts for teenage girls: A personalized sweatshirt, tee or tote

Make a DIY sweater or tee with iron-on letters as shown at Francois et Moi

Inexpensive iron-on letters on a plain sweatshirt or tee can spell out whatever message your teen wants to put on their BFF’s shirt. I love this DIY après ski sweater from François et Moi (whose tutorial is very helpful!). But, anything goes as long as the message fits on a shirt. In fact, the more obscure, the better according to our teens.

Last minute DIY gifts for teenage girls: An all-in-one stencil and fabric paint kit lets them make custom tees, totes or caps

Kids can also use permanent fabric markers or a fabric paint kit like this one if they’ve got a steady(ish)  hand — just add letter and number stencils or any number of cool design stencils and they can decorate a tee, tote, sweatshirt, school cap….you name it. Really sweet DIY gift for teenage girls and boys just to make things as personal as can bee.

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DIY gifts for teenage girls: Handmade sharpie mug

Easy DIY holiday gifts for teen girls: DIY your own Sharpie mug with Jennifer Mather's easy tutorial

Also included in our list of DIY gift ideas for adults, we know quote a few teens in our loves who can’t live without their coffee — or matcha or mochas or…well you get it. It’s so easy for anyone to just take a Sharpie to a mug (use the oil-based ones to keep it permanent!) especially if you follow the tutorial for easy DIY Sharpie mugs from Jennifer Maker.

Of course you can also fill that heart with an initial, a name, a nickname, or uh…any word of your choice. And artsy kids can always freehand it too.

DIY gifts for teenage girls: A cross stitch gift

This Bob Ross cross stitch is just one of several free patterns from Badass Cross Stitch for teens to use for gifts

Our favorite activist-slash-cross-stitcher, Shannon at Badass Cross Stitch, has dozens of free-to-use cross stitch patterns available for your teen to stitch something wonderful for any friend. Like say, unlikely teen hero Bob Ross. Or maybe, they’d prefer something saucier like “You are a Total Badass” or “I Told My Therapist About You.”

From fairly easy to more complex patterns, you’ll just need to grab supplies at your local craft store or Amazon, and pick a pattern. If you can throw Shannon a few dollars in thanks, please do so because she is incredible.

DIY gifts for teenage girls: Letter hair clips

DIY gifts for teenage girls: Custom letter hair clips tutorial via Mod Podge Rocks

She can whip up these DIY letter barrettes for all of her friends in short time. The easy instructions from Mod Podge rocks require Mod Melts, but it’s even easier to glue on ready-made enamel letters, or hot glue gun plastic alphabet beads onto any size hair clip, spray paint the whole thing and let dry.


DIY holiday gifts for teenage girls: Peanut butter dreidels

These adorable peanut butter dreidels from Oh Nuts look amazing and make great gifts

Every side is a winner on these hard-to-resist homemade peanut butter dreidels from Oh Nuts. Love this as a gift for the friends who celebrated Hanukkah last month and may be feeling a little left out with all the Christmas hubbub around them. You can even make these chocolate dreidels with another kind of nut butter, or even seed butter, if allergies are an issue.


DIY gifts for teenage girls: Lip and Body Scrubs

DIY gifts for teenage girls: DIY Bath scrubs with easy recipe from Aura Cacia

Do you know how easy it is to whip up a homemade body scrub? As easy as combining coconut oil, granulated sugar, and your favorite essential oil blends using this recipe from Aura Cacia. Or, switch up the sugar for baking soda and sea salt for an easy homemade bath soak.

Find their oils on Amazon, Target, or check local pharmacies, wellness shops or gift stores.

Sweet to look at and to taste, this cotton candy lip scrub from Blitz and Giggles makes a great gift for teens to make for friends

Almost good enough to eat, this DIY cotton candy lip scrub recipe from Bitz & Giggles is a fun way to keep lips soft and moisturized in the harsh winter. You know, because teens like soft lips. For…smiling. Made with cotton candy flavored oil, sugar, olive oil, and food coloring, there are no weird chemicals or additives for the kisser or kissee to ingest.

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DIY gifts for teenage girls: Pom pom earrings

DIY pom pom earrings make a great craft for teens to make as gifts

Soft and stylish, these homemade pom pom earrings from Persia Lou are easy enough to make a few pairs to hand out to friends.  You’ll either need a plastic pom pom maker or follow the easy instructions from The Craft Train for how to create one from cardboard. Either way, it’s such an easy DIY gift for teenage girls to make for friends — or for you to make for your own favorite teen!


DIY holiday gifts for teenage girls: Easy Christmas cookies

Easy Christmas cookies from The Decorated Cookie

Super cute and easy, these homemade Christmas cookies from The Decorated Cookie don’t require major skills, just a steady hand. Your teen can make up a tray to take to a friend’s holiday party, or pass out a few individually wrapped, to all her favorite people. Not too many kids will say no to homemade cookies.


DIY gifts for teenage girls: Homemade hot chocolate bombs

DIY gifts for teen girls: Easy hot cocoa pods from Fresh April Flours are a great "cheat" compared with the work of making typical hot chocolate bombs

We featured these easy DIY hot cocoa bombs from Fresh April Flours last year and teens will love to make and receive them. They don’t even require any fancy molds or tempering of chocolate, making it very teen-friendly recipe. But hey, if they want to go full out, have them check out all of these hot chocolate bomb recipes. Pretty awesome.

DIY gifts for teenage girls: Santa slime

Your teens can make this Santa fluffy slime with the recipe from The Best Ideas for Kids

A great gift for teens to give to the kids they babysit or to younger nieces and nephews:  DIY Santa slime in a jar, which is so simple using the tutorial at The Best Ideas for Kids. And, of course, we know some teens who would like to get a jar of this themselves! Can you ever be too old for slime? We’ll say no. (Also be sure to check our 5 natural recipes for homemade slime, all Borax-free.