With Hanukkah coming up November 28, it’s time to share some of the best Hanukkah gifts for kids in 2021 — that actually are Hanukkah gifts.

And yes, that’s November 28. As in this month! While it’s not quite the Thanksgivukkah madness we went through way back in 2013, it’s time to get those orders in so you can be sure to have Hanukkah gifts for the kids wrapped and ready in time the very first hyper-competitive dreidel cage match.

(Or is that just our home?)

Of course you can always shop a favorite toy, game, or any other wish-list item for Hanukkah — check our guide to the year’s top gifts for kids by age for plenty of inspiration. But here you’ll find creative Hanukkah gift ideas for kids of all ages that are sweet, funny, thoughtful, or meaningful — and all specifically reflective of Hanukkah.

There has been no compensation in exchange for our gift recommendations. Every gift has been determined editorially by our team.

This guide contains affiliate links and some purchases may generate a small commission that helps support our own small business at no additional cost to you. So thank you for your support! 


20 Hanukkah gifts for toddlers, teens, and kids of all ages


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Hanukkah gifts 2021: dreidel Helvetica Tee by Alef Designs

Dreidel Helvetica Shirt  
$22.45, Alef Design

I’m always a fan of clever Hanukkah shirts that don’t lean on bad puns.
Of course if our kids wrote it, it would say Gimel & Gimel & Gimel & Gimel.


Hanukkah gifts for kids 2021: Cookie DO's Hanukkah gift box of...dough. Yum.

Cookie DŌ Hanukkah Cookie Gift Pack
($56, Goldbelly)

If they’d rather eat the dough than the finished cookies, this is the perfect Hanukkah gift for kids.
So sweet, it really will last 8 nights.

Hanukkah Dreidel PopIt Fidget Toy: Best Hanukkah Gifts for Kids 2021

Dreidel Popit Fidget Toy
$12.95, Amazon

I have a teen who’s obsessed with these — don’t assume it’s just a Hanukkah gift for toddlers and little kids!

Hanukkah gifts 2021 for kids: Queen to the Rescue tells the story of Henrietta Szold, the founder of Hadassah

Queen to the Rescue: The Story of Henrietta Szold, Founder of Hadassah
($18.75, Amazon or ask your local indie bookstore for a copy)

Nancy Churnin’s book about one of the lesser known sheroes of the world is a wonderful Hanukkah gift for kids.


Hanukkah gifts 2021: Paint your own dreidel marzipan cookie set

Paint Your Own Dreidels Marzipan Cookies
($37.50, Modern Tribe)

From Marzipops, I love this Hanukkah gift for kids that lets them flex their creativity, and eat it too.

Related: 8 handmade Hanukkah cookie recipes that make wonderful homemade gifts

Hanukkah gifts for kids: Dreidel Roulette Game

Dreidel Roulette Game + Chocolate Gelt Bag
$26, American Jewish History Museum Store, $3.50, Dylan’s Candy Bar

Ready to up the stakes a bit from mere spinning? Here, dreidel meets…roulette. Just add gelt.


Hanukkah gifts 2021: Hebrew wisdom in a parody of the classic Magic 8 Ball

Jewish Wisdom Fortune Teller
$24, Modern Tribe

If you’re shopping for a tween or teen, I’m laughing so hard at this satirical adaptation of the Magic 8 Ball that sounds like every Bubbe and Zayde I know.

Hanukkah gifts 2021: Modern Tzedakah box featuring Miriam, with proceeds supporting the ACLU

Modern Hanukkah Tzedakah Box
$88, Emily Rosenfeld

Proceeds help support the ACLU, so the giving begins before anyone has even added a coin to it.
She has so many other wonderful Hanukkah gift ideas in her Etsy shop too — get browsing!


Hanukkah gifts for kids 2021: Rebecca American Girl Doll and her Hanukkah outfit

American Girl Doll: Rebecca Rubin and Hanukkah Outfit
($110 for doll and book + $42 for Hanukkah Outfit)

If your favorite kid has been clamoring for an American Girl Doll, Rebecca’s 1924 story is a wonderful Hanukkah gift. You can even add the Menorah and Dreidel set. And of course, any AG would look terrific in that outfit whi

Hanukkah gifts 2021 for kids: Beaded Hamsa bracelet

Kids Beaded Hamsa Bracelet
($45, Jewish Museum Shop)

It  brings the wearer happiness, protection, and luck, and this one made by one of our favorite indie designers, Atsuyo and Akiko,


Hanukkah gifts 2021: Han Solo Hanukkah Card

Keep the Han in Hanukkah Star Wars Card
($4, Vulgar Greeting Cards)

Way cooler than any card you can grab off the drugstore rack, guaranteed. Slip in a crisp bill, and you’ll make a kid’s day!


Hanukkah gifts for kids 2021: Dreidel pajamas for the kids

Dreidel Hanukkah Pajamas
$36, Jewish Museum Store

Holiday pajamas can be for Hanukkah too! Besides, the kids can wear these for 8 nights in a row, right?


Children's books for Hanukkah: Lila Tov + Eric Carle's 8 Nights of Hanukkah

Children’s Books for Hanukkah
(Prices vary online, or shop your local indie bookseller)

Very Hungry Caterpillar’s 8 Nights of Hanukkah board book
Did you know Eric Carle’s beloved caterpillar goes on some Hanukkah adventures too? Find this one from the Afikomen Judaica Bookstore.

Lila Tov Good Night
By grammy winning artist Mr G (Ben Gundersheimer) and illustrator Noar Lee Naggan, this stunning picture book is about the beauty of the natural worlds — though adults willl see the poignant story of a refugee family in search of a better life.

(Note you can also spend a bit more for an autographed copy of Lila Tov Good Night from Mr.G’s website


Hanukkah gifts 2021: Ahava / Love Hebrew necklace by Sima G

Tiny Ahava Love Necklace
$35, Sima G

All you need is ahava.


Hanukkah gifts 2021 for kids: Happy llamakah soap (ha)

Happy Llamakah Vegan Soap
($12.53/ea, Jiro Soap)

Is it a bit of a stretch that the leaves each represent one flame on the menorah? A little. Will kids care? Not at all.

Hanukkah gifts 2021: Funny Marzipan Cookie Gift Box

Marzipops Hanukkah marzipan cookies
$49.95, Modern Tribe

Teens and adults will get the references, younger kids will just scarf down the marzipan.


Hanukkah gifts 2021: Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Hanukkah t-shirt

Hanukkah Town Skellington Tee
( $19.95, DJ Kopet)

I love DJ’s original fan art that turns the “Is it a Christmas or Halloween movie?” debate on its head with a third possibility.
Just note it comes in adult sizes.


Hanukkah gifts 2021: Angel Food Baker's Happy Hanukkah Donut Letters

Happy Hanukkah Donuts from Angel Food Bakery
($89, Goldbelly)

The beloved Minneapolis bakery will score you big gift-giving points for this one!


Best Hanukkah gifts for kids: Can't go wrong with an Amazon gift card

Amazon gift card for Hanukkah
(Varies, Amazon)

Because even if you don’t know what the kids want for Hanukkah, they sure do.

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