I can’t think of a better role model for young athletes (and young people in general) than GOAT gymnast and mental health advocate Simone Biles, so I was thrilled to see the new Simone Biles collaboration with Athleta Girl. The collection for girls 6-16 features fun athletic wear and wardrobe staples like leggings, tank tops, sweats, even accessories. All designed with that signature Simone boldness and flair.

But there’s more to it than your typical celebrity lending a name to a product design or having a say in some of the styles; this collection really lets them carry Simone’s remarkable spirit with them — even if they’re just mastering somersaults, and not her signature double twist double backflip vault.

One of my favorite aspects of the collection is that each piece includes a personal affirmation of hers somewhere, like the  Simone Biles tee that says “No dream is too big or too small” over an illustration of her floor routine. I’m also loving these  “The floor is yours” bike shorts and  matching tee.

Allow me to share a few other favorite looks from Simone Biles x Athleta Girl:

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Our favorites from the new Simone Biles x Athleta Girl sportswear collection for kids

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Simone Biles x Athleta girl collaboration: We love this "The Floor is Yours" tee from Simone

Simone Biles x Athleta Girl Explore tee

Simone Biles x Athleta girl collaboration: Oversized is in! Especially when it's as cute as this cozy SB sweatshirt.

Simone Biles x Athleta Girl oversized warm-up sweatshirt

Simone Biles x Athleta girl collaboration: We're digging this Simone upgrade on basic bike shorts. So cute!

Simone Biles x Athleta Girl bike short

Simone Biles x Athleta girl collaboration: The SB duffle bag matches the clothes from this amazing collection.

Simone Biles x Athleta Girl limitless duffle 


I’m just so happy to support this new Simone Biles x Athleta Girl line. On a personal level, we were already big fans of Simone in our household, but I was especially impressed with her radical decision to take a step back from the 2021 Tokyo Olympics to care for her mental health. That’s the kind of courage and healthy boundary-setting I want my kids to emulate. And I feel that same positive energy in the clothing slogans and designs, too.

Whether you’re shopping for a budding athlete or for a kid who just wants to feel a little more comfortable and confident every day, check out this collection before it back-handsprings away.

Find the entire Simone Biles x Athleta Girl collection at the Athleta website. It comes in sizes 6-16.