Fans of RuPaul, you’d better work on getting your hands on this new, fabulous set from Fisher Price’s Little People Collector because it could sell out faster than you can say Sashay! Shante!

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Part of the highly collectible line of Little People that include the inspiring women’s series, the Golden Girls, and Run DMC in miniature, this trio of beauties are dressed in three of RuPaul’s on and off-runway looks, all ready for their closeup.

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RuPaul's new Fisher Price Little People Collector set

At under $15 for all three high-fashion figurines, this makes the perfect gift for a fan of both Drag Race and drag in general, as well as those of us who appreciate RuPaul’s work breaking down barriers against the LGBTQ+ community.

Whether you turn to the left, or turn to the right, each figurine is styled perfectly at every angle. Not a lash or rhinestone out of place, thank goodness.