The fact that a book called A Kids Book About School Shootings even exists should tell you exactly how big a problem this has become in the years since the horrific Columbine school shooting over 20 years ago.

As we shared in today’s post How to talk to your children about mass shootings, bombings, and other tragedies in the news: Helpful resources, we have become a broken record reporting, “Another day, another mass shooting.” 

It’s almost too much to handle.

But as parents and educators, we have a responsibility to handle it which is why we are so thankful that A Kids Book About School Shootings is being offered as a free download for parents, educators, and other concerned grownups to read with their children and students. (If this sounds family, A Kids Company About recently offered a free download of A Kids Book About War to help us discuss another terrible topic with our children.)

A Kids Book About School Shootings is written by someone who knows all too well: Crystal Woodman Miller was a Columbine student on that awful day in ’99 and her words come from the firsthand experience of living through both the terror of the incident as well as the aftermath.

A Kids Book About School Shooting free download

She writes with empathy and understanding, using words kids ages 5+ can understand. The book uses text only—no illustrations or photos—to talk directly to the kids.

I especially appreciate the five steps kids can use when they become overwhelmed by fear and anxiety. They are so clear and actionable, I think a lot of adults could use them too as we send our kids off for another school day and hope they return safely.

Download a free copy of A Kids Book About School Shootings from A Kids Company About. You can also purchase hard copies from A Kids Company About or Amazon for your home or to donate to your local school system.