We often discuss what it takes to raise kind, generous, ambitious, resilient, wonderful kids who will become kind, generous, ambitious, resilient, wonderful adults. Which is why we wanted to bring back one of our favorite interviews — parenting and science journalist Melinda Wenner Moyer, author of the popular book How to Raise Kids Who Aren’t Assholes

Don’t fear the title! Did I mention Melinda is a scientist?

In the book, she examines the science of character and research about brains, biology and growth to share her insights for parents, like how to deal with selfishness, how to teach kindness, what the research says about raising anti-racist kids (it may surprise you!), and the parenting strategies and styles you can apply right now in your own home.

Listen right now — though, keep in mind we say “asshole” a couple of times, so earmuffs for little kids if that’s a concern. And make sure you’re a Spawned podcast subscriber so that you never miss an episode.

Parenting strategies for raising kind kids into kind adults from author Melinda Wenner Moyer | Spawned Podcast from Liz + Kristen of Cool Mom Picks

Melinda’s is one of our new favorite absolute must-read parenting books — to go with one of my new favorite parenting substack newsletters that you can subscribe to — and when you listen to this interview, you will hear why.

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Cool Picks of the Week:

Melinda: The Thursday Murder Club! If you’re a mystery fan, you’ll love this. Melinda describes it as charming and delightful! She also recommends Adam Grant’s book Give and Take.

Liz: Camp counselors! They were amazing this summer after Covid, giving our kids the best time of their lives. Make sure to show them some love if you’ve got kids heading off to camp this year like she does.

Kristen: Tattoo Redo on Netflix. It’s a hilarious, silly show that’s a salve to all the stress of parenting.

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