Valentine’s Day has a tendency to skew all lace and hearts and sweetness, so as moms of boys, we wanted to find some cool gifts they would appreciate too. Of course these gifts are not just for boys, because cool Valentine’s gift ideas know no gender — but it is hard to search for Valentine’s Day gifts for boys and find uh…not too much. So we’re here to help!

Gender stereotypes aside, whether you’re an all-out, big-budget Valentine’s Day gift person or you just want a little something to make your kids feel some extra love, these are just cool Valentine’s Day gifts for boys — and girls — that we know our own video-game-loving, sports-playing, music-listening, mom-cuddling kids would like.

 – Kate, Liz + the CMP team

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Valentine’s Gifts for Boys, Hold the Pink Heart Necklaces and Romantic Poetry

Cool Valentine's gift ideas for boys - and other kids not so into the pink hearts and cute sparkly stuff

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Treats They Pick Out Themselves

Sugarwish: Valentine's Treats kids can pick themselves | Valentine's Gifts for Boys

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for boys who are tough to shop for, let’s start with Sugarwish. Its our go-to service for candy gifts for kids all year long, however they do have Valentine’s themed Sugarwish treats that are perfect for any kid at all. The lucky recipient gets a text, email, or card on the date you specify, letting them know they can fill a box with their favorite candy, cookies, or popcorn. And kids love getting to choose their own.

(When Kate asked her 14-year-old son what he thought teen boys would want for Valentine’s Day, he just said, “Candy.” Anything else? “Candy.” So you’re definitely covered here.)

A Blanket That Feels Like a Hug

Valentine's gifts for boys: The organic cotton Nappling weighted blanket for kids from Bearaby

If your kiddo can use a little extra hug to keep him feeling safe and loved, we adore the super soft, organic cotton Nappling weighted blanket for kids from Bearaby. They really do help them sleep better and feel calmer and while it is a very special gift, it will look beautiful around the house too.

A Personalized Valentine’s Gift For Younger Kids

Valentine's gifts for boys: Personalized wooden tic tac toe set by BloomOwl on Etsy

For a younger kid, this personalized Valentine’s Tic Tac Toe game we just found is wonderful! It’s made by Etsy maker Bloom Owl, and for a limited time it’s 30% off — just $13.99! But hurry if you want this one in time. (PS check back for a guide to all of our favorite Valentine’s gifts just from Etsy. There are plenty!)

A Gift For the Fidgeters (and Everyone Around Them!)

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty: Fun Valentine's gifts for boys

Fidgety kids of all ages — and their parents — adore Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty and if you can track down this Firestorm Color Changing Putty or the Original Red you’re all set. Tip: They are available at a lot of specialty toy stores, so shop indie and shop local for the best selection.

A Personalized Valentine’s Gift for Boys

Valentine's gifts for boys; Personalized dinosaur heart plate and mug set from Harper Livingston on Etsy

Harper Livingston on Etsy has the most adorable personalized dinosaur heart plate and matching mug that make a great Valentine’s gift for younger boys — though our dino-loving girls would happily take a set. Look around the shop for other great options too.

A Gamer Gift


Valentine's Gifts for Boys: V is for Video Games t-shirt from Threadrock on Etsy


If video games have stolen your kids’ hearts (ha, of cousre they have!)  then this “V is for Video Games” t-shirt Threadrock on Etsy. It’s a perfectly appropriate Valentine’s gift for boys — and mine would wear it all year long.

…Or Two


Cool Valentine's Gifts for boys; This red AceGamer Wireless Controller for PS4

Speaking of gaming, how about a brand new AceGamer Wireless Controller for the Playstation? The red one makes a cool Valentine’s Day gift and if you have multiple kids, this is one that won’t be mixed up with someone else’s. (That’s a whole thing, of course.)

A Valentine’s Gift for Boys That Takes the Play Outside


Valentine's Day gift ideas for boys: Fresh sports gear, like this cherry red basketball.

Onscreen time isn’t the only way to play. If your kids are into sports, why not think of some fresh new gear for Valentine’s Day gifts….in red, perhaps? This $10 cherry red basketball is perfect, and that price!

A Semi-DIY Valentine’s Gift For Boys


Valentine's gifts for boys | Camelbak filled with personalized m&ms

Yes, more treats! But with a twist: Grab one of these red CamelBak Eddy+ Water Bottles and fill it with personalized M&Ms with fun messages like “don’t forget to drink water!” Or you know, just go ahead and fill it with regular Valentine’s M&Ms, Chocolate Kisses wrapped in Valentine’s foils, or honestly, whatever’s on the drugstore shelves. Consider a bright red Yeti Tumbler for older teen boys who’ve moved onto coffee. (It happens sooner than you think!)

A Valentine’s Gift for Snooooooow Season!

Funboy's Red Racer Snow Sled: Cool Valentine's gifts for boys

If you’ve got snow where you are — or are looking forward to some — Funboy’s Red Racer Snow Sled is a far cry from the classic wooden sleds. It won’t quite fit in a greeting card or taped to a box of Conversation Hearts, but wow is it a cool Valentine’s gift for boys like ours. They just have to share with their sisters.

A Valentine’s Gift as Cool as it is Practical

Valentine's Day gifts for boys: Bright Red Puma Suede Classic Sneakers

If it’s time for a new pair of shoes, consider the rad old school suede Pumas for kids in a bright, bold red. Zappos has them 20% off right now. If you have a slightly older kid (with slightly bigger feet, try the suede Pumas in some of the smaller men’s sizes that are still available. These are hot!

The Surprisingly Affordable Tech Gift


Valentine's gifts for boys: Try these excellent, affordable headphones with a touch of red.

While no kid would turn down a pair of the extraordinary AirPods Max, it’s a little out of most of our budgets for Valentine’s Day gifts for kids. Instead, check out the affordable and outstanding SoundCore Life Headphones for under $50 that we love in our home; this one comes in a Valentine’s gift ready red and black (Also available at Amazon.)

Alternately, you can spend under $25 and get a new pair of the highly rated iLuv TB100 Wireless Earbuds. Either way, you’ve got a teen or tween covered.

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A Valentine’s Gift To Reminds Him That Friends Love Each Other Too


Valentine's Edition Mandalorian Funko Pop | Valentine's gift ideas for boys

For those Mando-loving kids in your galaxy, this Funko! Pop Valentine’s Edition Mandalorian is just what their collection is missing. Complete with sweet message to Grogu — because even the toughest warriors aren’t above sending a (platonic) love note on Valentine’s Day.