Each year, we love putting together Valentine’s Day gift ideas, but I admittedly have had a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day throughout my life. Love the opportunity to tell people in my life I love them, hate the pressure. Love helping my kids spread their own love and kindness, hate knowing how hard it can be for single parents — or just single adults in general.

With that, I wanted to put together some ideas for anti-Valentine’s gifts for those people who hate Valentine’s Day — but still deserve a little love and acknowledgment.

Maybe it’s a cynical partner. Maybe it’s a single-and-proud-of-it friend. In which case, also be sure to see our guide to 40 of the best gifts for girlfriends too.) Maybe it’s a single-and-not-so-proud-of-it friend (who deserves extra chocolate too, BTW). Maybe it’s just someone who rejects all “Hallmark holidays” outright. Whatever the case, may these ideas help you show some love and affection to even those who say they’d rather just skip ahead to February 15 and get all those chocolates on sale.

Top image: Sad Shop, who, sadly, is no longer selling her cards retail.Ā 

Anti-Valentine’s Day Gift IdeasĀ 


Best gifts for girlfriends: Breakable gourmet chocolate heart with custom message inside | Valentine's Day

Breakable Gourmet Chocolate Heart
($44, Uncommon Goods)

Also in our guide to the best gift for girlfriends, you can personalize the message inside to be as sympathetic or cynical as you’d like.

The Complete Poems of Dorothy Parker: The Best Anti-Valentine's Day Gifts

The Complete Poems of Dorothy Parker
($21 on Amazon; on sale for $19.53, Bookshop.org)

If only for “Unfortunate Coincidence.” (Look it up if you’re not familiar.)

Anti-Valentine's Day Gifts: I hate Valentine's Day card from Kitty Meow Boutique

A Cynical Valentine’s Day Card
(Kitty Meow Boutique on Etsy)

This independent card shop has plenty of humor on hand for Valentine’s Day cards (or anti-Valentine’s Day cards) made for for Valentine’s Day haters.

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Anti-Valentine's Day Gifts: Cynical heart cookies from Crazytown Cookies

Anti-Valentine’s Day Heart Cookies
($45/2 dozen, Crazytown Cookies)

Handmade from scratch to order and lovingly shipped by a Nebraska bakery, they can create custom cookies, should you prefer black hearts with…even edgier messages.

Anti-Valentine's Day gift for a teen or best friend: A pair of creepy handmade dolls from DDS Mascot Monsters

Anti-Valentine's Day gifts: Creepy handmade dolls from DDS Mascot Monsters

A Pair of Creepy Monster Dolls
($36-38, DDS Mascot Monsters)

Handmade doll couples are just sooooo adorbs for V-day, right? If you’re like, “nope, not in the least,” then perhaps these are a better fit for you. I know my own teens would appreciate one — or share one with your BFF.

Anti Valentine's Day gifts: Meh heart mug from Paper Bag Design Studio

Stumptown Coffee

Meh Coffee Mug + Some Damn Good Coffee
($24.95, Paper Bag Design Studio; Stumptown Coffee $14.98, Amazon Fresh)

In my world, I not only need a funny mug to start the morning, I need some damn good coffee to get me through these long-ass days of no daylight. February 14 seems to be one of those days, especially if you’re not a fan of the holiday to begin with.

Verilux HappyLight is a perfect anti-Valentine's gift for someone feeling the weight of the short days

A Verilux HappyLight
($44.99 on sale, Amazon)

You know what else I need to get through these short ass days? My HappyLight and yes, it really works. What could be more perfect for an anti-Valentine’s Day gift than something 100% practical and unromantic?


Anti-Valentines Gifts: Anatomical Heart cookie cutter from Bakerlogy

Anti-Valentines Gifts: Bandaged Heart cookie cutter from Bakerlogy


Anatomically Correct Heart Cookies or Bandaged Heart Cookies
($13.80 for cutter, Bakerlogy)

Oh, did you think I was going to mention some other organ? I first shared this cool cookie cutter on Cool Mom Eats and I think baking a batch with them makes for a perfect Anti-Valentine’s Day gift. All of the sugar, none of the saccharine. Alternatively, check out her bandaid-heart cookie cutter to send a more gentle message.


Valentine's Day gifts for Valentine's Day haters: Prout's "Love is a reciprocal torture" cross stitch pattern

Love is a Reciprocal Torture Cross-Stitch Pattern
($5, stephXstitch)

This Marcel Proust quote is pure Valentine’s Day hating perfection, This fun Etsy shop has others too, including a beautifully succinct NOPE. That said, you DIY so maybe it’s a good gift to give…to yourself.


Beat it Creep heart pin from Roxanna Torres. Anti-Valentine's gifts (or for fans of John Waters movies!)

Beat It, Creep Heart Pin
($11, Punky’s Shop Boutique)

Celebrating Galentine’s Day or just looking for a friendly gift for a cool woman in your life? Love this pin, and other John Waters fans will appreciate it too.(Just think twice if you want to give this to your special girlfriend or wife because that might come across as weirdly possessive.)

Valentine's gifts for people who hate Valentine's Day : Bronx Zoo lets you name a roach in someone's honor!

Name a Roach for Valentine’s Day
($15, The Bronx Zoo)

It’s not an April Fool’s prank; in a brilliant anti-Valentine’s Day effort, the Bronx Zoo is allowing you to name a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach in someone’s honor, complete with a certificate of authenticity. For a little more, you can add roach-emblazoned socks or a roach plush. They’re sure to last longer than chocolates. In fact, won’t roaches last longer than…any of us? Welp.


Valentine's gifts for people who hate Valentine's Day: A gift card to their favorite delivery service so you can avoid the overpriced Vday restaurant dinner and stay in

A Gift Card to Grub Hub, Door Dash, or their favorite local joint that delivers
(Prices Vary)

A true Valentine’s Day hater knows that February 14 is the night you avoid the overpriced prix fix menus with complementary mediocre glass of champagne. Instead, hook up a friend, partner, spouse or even the kids, with a gift card for delivery and indulge a night of food that someone else cooked. Ideally with lots and lots of garlic. Netflix optional but highly recommended.