Among the most popular Mother’s Day gifts now and forever are self-care gifts for moms. (And grandmas and stepmoms of course.)

We are all increasingly aware that moms are working harder and longer than ever before, often juggling paid work, family obligations, household chores, and their own well-being. With no breaks. At all. So any opportunity to help her slow down is a good thing.

That said, we need to acknowledge that self-care has become a bit of a misused word that’s unfortunately tied with, well, consumerism. We know that real self-care is not about bath salts or chocolates, and better mental health access isn’t something you gift wrap. Still, we understand that people search for self-care gifts for moms because…they want to take care of their moms in their lives in some way, whether that means pampering, treating, indulging a little, or even giving her a small break she needs.

Above: Silk & Sonder Self-Care Planner,  The Aura Wellness and Sleep App 

24 thoughtful self-care gifts for Mom that really do take care of her | Cool Mom Picks Mother's Day gift guide

Thoughtful self-care gifts for mom to help her slow down, breathe, and remind her she’s loved

These Mother’s Day self-care gifts are selected to fit any budget. They may not be as impactful as say, institutional changes that can improve her life overall, but they should help her slow down a little, and at a minimum — remember she’s loved. (But psst… she should know that every day. Just saying.)

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Vosges chocolates dream box makes an amazing self-care gift for Mother's Day

Great Chocolate and Great Sleep

($200, Vosges;or $50 for just the Dream Truffle Box )

This Dream Gift Set is on all of our wish lists! She’ll not only get the 16-piece Dream truffle collection with ingredients like chamomile and lavender, she’ll get even more chocolate, plus slumber bath salts, a calming luxury tea blend, and a silk sleep mask. For a budget-friendly option, check their Mother’s Day chocolate collection starting at $23.

This pretty necklace bring the focus on breathing making it a great self-care gift for the busy mom.

Mindful Breathing Necklaces

($85-115, Uncommon Goods)

Based on the breath techniques of ancient Japanese Komusō monks, this pretty and delicate necklace helps bring the focus back to the breath in a few moments. It’s a thoughtful self-care gift for a busy mom, or someone prone to stress and anxiety. In fact our own editor Liz loves her necklace which comes in four finishes.

Self-care gifts for moms: Artisanal Teas from Vahdam

Vahdam Artisanal Tea Trio 

(Vahdam Teas, $23.99 on sale for 20% off)

When relaxing at her favorite tea shop isn’t on the schedule, bring these exquisite gourmet teas to her. And be sure to check all their tea gifts, to find the perfect self-care gift for Mother’s Day to help her slow down. (That Weekend in Paris gift set sounds perfect to us!)

Onda Glow-All-Over Oil is their best-selling luxury face and body oil | Mother's Day Self-Care Gifts

Luxury Face & Body Oil

($88, Onda)

Onda’s best-selling, cult-favorite Glow-All-Over Oil is such a treat. This blend of premium organic oils, calendula flower, desert and forest scents, and a touch of lavender is like bringing a spa right to her bathroom.

TikTok fave: KAHI Wrinkle Bounce All-in-One Hydrating Multi-Balm for Face, Lips, Eyes and Neck | Mother's Day Gift under $15

Want an affordable option to pamper her? Try this viral TikTok K-beauty product: KAHI Wrinkle Bounce All-in-One Hydrating Multi-Balm for face, lips, eyes…everywhere. We found it on sale at Amazon for just $14.99.

Calm app subscription makes a great self-care gift for Mother's Day

Calm app or Headspace app subscription

($69.99/1 year at Calm; $69.99/year with 20% from 5/8-5/14 at Headspace)

A subscription to one of our favorite meditation apps is generous and thoughtful. Both Calm and Headspace offer breathing exercises to help her relax, meditation sessions to reduce stress increasingly over time, and even wind-down programs to help her fall asleep more easily.

King Arthur on-demand baking classes: Amazing Mother's Day gift

An online baking class to help her pound some dough

($35-$250 at King Arthur Baking, check for discounts)

If baking is a form of release for her — and not a chore — King Arthur Baking Co (yes, the flour people) has an entire baking school with both in-person classes in Vermont and Washington State, and live online classes that range from 90-minute lessons to full 3-day courses in everything from pizza to pie, Japanese sandwiches to homemade gnocchi. Maybe you’ll even take a class together as a cool Mother’s Day experience gift.

An affordable, accessible alternative: Their new on-demand video classes, which include 5 video lessons, additional skills videos, and a recipe workbook for download.

Jonathan Adler's modern 1000-piece puzzle for adults: Great self-care gift for Mother's Day

A modern jigsaw puzzle to keep her brain sharp

($20 on sale, Amazon)

If you’ve ever heard her use the term “mommy brain” (or “perimenopause”) — the brain fog is real. Jigsaw puzzles have been proven to improve cognitive function, lower stress, and improve one’s mood. We love this modern Jonathan Adler 1000-Piece Puzzle from Galison, the abstract Sensing Colors puzzle, the elegant puzzle featuring vintage seed packets — there are so many.


"It's okay to feel how I feel" - engraved on a bracelet from Presently Jewelry, which is actively addressing anxiety and mental health issues

Anti-Anxiety Mantra Bracelets

(Presently, $48+)

These gorgeous bracelets are one of our newer favorites — and a lovely self-care gift for a mom who needs a reminder to breathe. They were designed by two talented sisters to help manage their own anxiety and OCD, and engraved with phrases from effective cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. Pick the mantra that’s right for her and pair it with her favorite gemstones and crystals to bring all good energy every time she looks at it.

Self-care gifts for moms on Mother's Day: A beautiful new yoga mat

A beautiful new yoga mat

($59, Amazon)

If her idea of self-care is an hour alone in a yoga studio or at home with videos, this pretty yoga mat gets high marks for comfort, cushioning, and of course, good looks. Consider pairing with a subscription to the YogaGlo app, the Aura app (shown at top)  or Apple Fitness +.

Silk and Sonder's Self-Care Gift Set makes a unique and reflective Mother's Day gift.

A Self-Care Planner Gift Set

($56, Silk and Sonder)

Journaling is a proven self-care activity with meaningful benefits, and this beautifully illustrated, 30-day wellness planner is filled with journaling prompts and other exercises to get her thinking what she needs to take care of herself. This gift set also comes with soothing bath bombs, a soy candle, a pretty pen, and access to a members-only online community.

Self-care gifts for moms: Silk & Sonder Wellness Planner is low-pressure, high-reward journaling

Alternately, check out their Dateless Self-Care Planner ($35) with 5 weeks of evidence-based exercises, daily spreads, guided journaling prompts and more. This can be a really thoughtful self-care gift for moms if journaling is her happy place.

Self-care gifts for moms: A SmoothieBox subscription to make it easier for her to start her day healthy

A Healthy Fresh Smoothie Subscription

($40 and up, SmoothieBox)

Make it easy to keep her healthy each morning! She’ll get a delivery of pre-made, ready-to-blend smoothie packs featuring freshly frozen organic fruits, veggies, and boosters, in her choice of flavors, from the  company voted the #1 smoothie delivery service by the Food Network,

Golden Face Roller : An affordable indulgence from Molly Simms' YSE Beauty and a great self-care gift

A golden face roller for a little pampering any time

($20, YSE Beauty)

Molly Simms YSE Beauty is a fantastic place to shop for gifts for moms who have outgrown lip balms that taste like popsicles. We love this luxurious golden face roller, which brings all the good feelings of a quartz face roller, with a little more flair.  Make it extra special and add in YSE Beauty’s XTremely Rich Moisturizer.


Quince's comfy, casual loungewear looks nice enough to leave the house: Stylish Mother's Day gift.

Comfy, chic new loungewear and some time alone

(Wide-legged pants $39.90+ on sale, Quince)

Napwear, loungewear, or errands-wear: It kind of runs together these days, doesn’t it? That’s just one reason we love Quince for its comfy but attractive separates that can roll off the couch and head out the door — at a price that won’t break the bank.

Self-care gifts for Mother's Day: Universal Standard has comfy loungewear in inclusive sizing so everyone can feel her best
A Comfy new robe… and did we mention some time alone?

($158, Universal Standard)

If you want some terrific, comfy options in sizes from 00 to 40, Universal Standard is another loungewear brand we love for its beautiful fabrics and inclusive sizing. Sometimes self-care is wearing something that fits well because it was made for your beautiful body, just the way it is.

Self-care gifts for mom: Radiant Rebellion by Karen Walrond reminds her to love herself at every age

Radiant Rebellion: Reclaim Aging, Practice Joy, and Raise a Little Hell by Karen Walrond

(Prices vary: Amazon, Barnes & Noble,

Did the title have you at “raise a little hell?”  Karen Walrond’s latest book makes a perfect self-care gift for a mom who’d love a new perspective on health, beauty, spirituality, connection, adventure, and purpose as women age — and come into our power.

TOMO water bottles are a beautiful gift for mom that gives back: Keeping her hydrated while providing water to communities in need

 A stunning water bottle that keeps her hydrated — and gives back

($108 and up on sale at TOMO botle)
Through April 30,2024 buy two items, pay for just one)

Of course we still love Hydroflask for pure functionality, but wow — the blinged-out bottles at TOMO are amazing! Plus they partner with Drop4Drop to provide clean water to communities in need, which in turn helps girls stay in school, empowers women to be able to start businesses and keeps families healthy.

Heart-shaped wooden serving board for breakfast in bed or a night to herself with bonbons | Self-Care gifts for Mom

A night away…at home

(Heart-Shaped Black Walnut Serving Board, $78 from Farmhill Woodshop)

Camp out with the kids or shack up in their rooms, while you give Mom the luxury of a whole night — or weekend — to herself to relax and recharge. Feel free to include special “check-in” treat on the house for her to enjoy in bed; or come by with breakfast in bed in the morning served on this gorgeous new heart-shaped tray. Pure indulgence.

Ultraonic's Cool Mist Diffuser makes a pretty and nicely scented Mother's Day gift.

Ultrasonic cool mist aromatherapy diffuser

(Amazon or Nordstrom, $59.99)

Serenity now! This fancy diffuser has two different wood bases to match her decor and lights up to provide a pretty glow along with those pretty smells.

Essential Oil Gift Set: Last Minute Beauty Gifts for Mom on Amazon

Also, check out this essential oil aromatherapy gift box if you want to add on to the difuser– or it makes a lovely gift all on its own.
($29.95/set of 8, Amazon)

Related: Homemade mason jar spa gift ideas all with safe, edible ingredients. So easy, and SO appreciated!

Self-care gifts for mom: Freedom from meal-planning, with a meal kit subscription like Marley Spoon.

Dinner meal kit subscription

(Martha Stewart’s Marley Spoon shown above, roughly $8.69-12.99/portion)

If Mom is the head chef at home, a great self-care gift is to give her a break from meal-planning and grocery shopping by subscribing to one of our favorite meal kit delivery services. Maybe a few dinners for two? Alternately: support her favorite local restaurant with a gift card. Some of us would never turn down a plate of sushi or Tikka Masala that we don’t have to make ourselves!

Lifepro Infrared Rejuvawrap is a Sauna Blanket that lets you soothe muscles without a whole sauna

Infrared Rejuvawrap Sauna Therapy Blanket

($339 on Amazon; 15% off for a limited time)
Like a portable sauna, for soothing tired muscles and calming the body and mind — without building an entire sauna. Could 900 five-star ratings be wrong?


Balance and Tranquility Seed Grow Kit: Self-Care Mother's Day gifts for 2023

Balance and Tranquility seed growing kit

($12, Uncommon Goods)

Gardening is legit self-care. Especially when it yields your own self-grown, natural stress relievers like lavender, peppermint, and chamomile. This box even comes with recipes for teas, a DIY sage smudge stick, and more.

Homemade eucalyptus shower scrub from Aura Cacia: Handmade mason jar spa gifts

A DIY Eucalyptus Shower Scrub


You can make this one with some basic ingredients, essential oils in her favorite scent, castile soap, and a mason jar. Moms always love homemade gifts, and this one is really useful.


Bob & Brad top rated deep tissue massage gun for athletes and muscle pain: Mother's Day gifts

A Pro Massage Gun with Heat & Cold Therapy

($87.99 – 20% off – for a limited time, Amazon)
Instead of an hour with a masseuse, give her this pro therapy massager designed by two physical therapists, that gets high marks from other therapists, athletes, and fitness writers.

No-alcohol wines and spirits from The Zero Proof can be a meaningful self-care gift for Mother's Day.

Alcohol-free wines and spirits

(prices vary)

Even if she doesn’t always abstain, there are times when self-care might mean passing on the alcohol. We put together an extensive list of our favorite alcohol-free wines and beverages, and can also recommend The Zero Proof‘s extensive line of no-alcohol wines, spirits, and mixers (above) so any mom can enjoy her favorite mocktail without any of alcohol’s effects. They also offer gift cards so she can pick her own.

Creative self-care gift for mom: Write to a member of congress on her behalf, asking for something that will really give her peace of mind.

Send a letter to Congress on her behalf


Want a real self-care gift that really takes care of Mom? Write to your elected representative on her behalf, and ask for something meaningful that will make a difference for moms everywhere — Paid family leave? Preserving social security? Reduced prescription drug prices?  Send it off (be sure to sign your own name, of course), then tuck a copy into a greeting card for Mother’s Day.

Fighting for a better world may be the most caring thing we can all do for moms right now. After all, isn’t that what we all dream about?