This week on Spawned, I loved chatting with Nina Restieri. entrepreneur and MomAgenda founder, and author of the new book Overcoming the Mom-Life Crisis: Ditch the Guilt, Put Yourself on the To-Do List, and Create A Life You Love

The book is filled with terrific, heartfelt advice about mental health, the feeling of being overwhelmed, the myth of “the perfect mom who has it all together,” and tactical self-care. She also offers helpful exercises to help you recenter yourself in your own life — and reaffirming that no, manicures are not enough when it comes to self-care.

Rethinking the definition of self-care: Nina Restieri, author of "Overcoming the Mom Life Crisis" on the Spawned parenting podcast


One of my favorite takeaways from the book is the way we use the term “should” so often as moms as a way to beat ourselves up, and why it’s a good idea to try and use it less, and reframe our thoughts in more empowering ways. For example, instead of “I should really be making this birthday cake from scratch,” you can learn to say “I choose to celebrate my kids’ milestones and bring joy to the day, no matter where the cake comes from.”

Easy right? And so smart.

You’ll hear even more helpful observations and ideas in this week’s episode.

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Overcoming the Mom-Life Crisis: Ditch the Guilt, Put Yourself on the To-Do List, and Create A Life You Love, by Nina Restieri

Find Nina Restieri’s Overcoming the Mom-Life Crisis: Ditch the Guilt, Put Yourself on the To-Do List, and Create A Life You Love as a Kindle download or hardcopy from our affiliate Amazon, from Indiebound, or support your own local indie bookstore!


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