Cool Minecraft Gifts for Kids Who Eat, Sleep and Drink Minecraft. Like Ours.

Minecraft gifts: 3-pack minecraft socks

Well, it’s clear: Our kids are totally 100% obsessed with Minecraft. So we’re reminding ourselves that it builds tons of skills, helps with math and science, and is way better than our own video game obsessions. If you’re with us, consider these awesome Minecraft gifts that may be the second best thing to more time playing Minecraft.


minecraft socks

($7.99/3-pack at Jinx)
In two different colorways, these are about as cool as Minecraft wear gets.


Minecraft gifts: minecraft: the complete handbook collection

minecraft: the complete handbook collection

($19.19 at Amazon)
Our kids are absolutely in love with this fantastic collection of Scholastic books that teach them the ins and outs of combat, building, and smelting Redstone.


Minecraft holiday gifts: Minecraft Career Opportunities Tee

minecraft career opportunities tee

($14.99, on sale at Kohl’s)
Remember when your parents told you that video game playing would never amount to anything? Here are 16 reasons not to say that to your own Minecraft fans.


Minecraft gifts: custom minecraft ign and skin mug

custom minecraft ign and skin mug

($20 at BK Clay Cafe)
Who wouldn’t love a mug with their very own Minecraft avatar. (Although ours might choose Stampy’s.)

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Minecraft gifts: minecraft papercraft building sets

minecraft papercraft building sets

($14.99 at Think Geek)
A great way to get that building, creativity, and imaginary play off the screen and into the real world.

Micro Kickboard Scooters make awesome holiday gifts for all ages

Minecraft gifts: Hand-crocheted Minecraft fingerless mittens

hand-crocheted minecraft fingerless mittens

($24.19, Aizling Dezines)
Our own kids spotted these on Etsy and flipped out. Thus, we present them to you. So clever!


Minecraft cookie cutter set | Cool Mom Picks Holiday Gift Guide

minecraft cookie cutter 3-piece set

($14.99, Cavid Designs)
Creepers are way less scary when you’re eating them.

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Minecraft gifts: minecraft backpack

minecraft backpack

($39.99 at Think Geek)
If your kids were bummed not to get one at back to school time, this might be a chance to make it up to them.


Minecraft gifts: LEGO minecraft mine building set

LEGO minecraft mine building set

($109.99 at Amazon)
Fans have eagerly been awaiting the November 15 launch of the new LEGO Minecraft sets for months now. Our favorite: This mine building set. Although the kids might get a kick out of the Minecraft First Night LEGO set with Steve holding that sad wooden sword.

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