Gifts for the Guy Who Makes Fun of Hipsters but Secretly Covets All Their Cool Stuff


Hipster gifts: limited edition henry ford pocket watch

Men are notoriously hard to shop for, so we’ve tracked down a ton of cool gifts for guys that we’re even coveting ourselves. Whether a special guy in your life lives in a Williamsburg loft or your own suburban colonial, these are super hip ideas for a man with terrific taste in clothes, accessories and more. Especially if he’ll never buy any of it for himself.



limited edition henry ford pocket watch

($1,000 at Shinola Detroit)
This company is dedicated to bringing more manufacturing back to Detroit, one gorgeous handmade watch at a time. If you love this one grab it–they’re only making a thousand.


Hipster gifts: black patent leather vans

black patent leather vans

($60 at Urban Outfitter)
If you thought Vans couldn’t get any cooler, check them out in this fab patent leather.


Hipster gifts: bohemian oil can guitar

bohemian oil can guitar

($299 at Bohemian Guitars)
Oh, like he already has one? This new company run by two brothers makes seriously cool instruments inspired by Johannesburg street musicians.


Hipster gifts: pure fix cycle supporting charity water

pure fix cycle supporting charity water

($325 at Pure Fix Cycles)
Biking is back with a vengeance, and doing good is always in style.


Hipster gifts: LEGO mini cooper

LEGO mini cooper

($99 at LEGO)
Best ever rainy day activity. Well, top five.


Hipster gifts: yamazaki single malt, top-rated whisky in the world

yamazaki single malt

($84.06 at Master of Malt)
Recently rated the top whisky in the entire world (stunning Brits and Scots alike), if he’s a single malt fan, this should go over big.

Hipster gifts: paul smith printed ipad case

paul smith printed ipad case

($180 at Saks Fifth Avenue)
Paul Smith + his iconic striped Mini Cooper + a hip laptop case? Hipster trifecta.


Hipster gifts: acqua di parma deluxe shaving stand

acqua di parma deluxe shaving stand

($670 at Neiman Marcus)
For the guy who has everything–and isn’t still paying for it.


Hipster gifts: guatemala finca el injerto bourbon stumptown coffee beans

guatemala finca el injerto bourbon stumptown coffee beans

($34/2 at provisions by Food52)
If he knows coffee, he knows Stumptown. Get more than two–they’ll go fast.

Hipster gifts: vince cashmere beanie

vince cashmere beanie

($95 at Nordstrom)
Just the perfect slouch at the perfect angle. Such things matter.


Hipster gifts: ceramic and leather flask

ceramic and leather flask

($94 at Misc Goods Co)
Whether he actually uses it or it just sits on a desk, this is probably the coolest looking flask ever.

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Hipster gifts: green deansgate parka

green deansgate parka

($200 at Pretty Green)
Rock stars never die; if they’re like Liam Gallagher, they create a fashion and lifestyle company with a Carnaby street store and a so-hip-it-hurts webshop.


Hipster gifts: typography coffee mugs

typography coffee mugs

($18 at MoMA store, $16.20 for members)
Type nerds of the world, we salute you.

Hipster gifts: bicycle wine rack

bicycle wine rack

($34 at oopsmark)
No, you can’t use it for Gatorade.

Hipster gifts: s’well wood finish water bottle

s’well wood finish water bottle

($35 at Jack Spade)
If there’s such a thing as the cool insulated water bottle of the year, it definitely goes to S’well. Everyone from Guy Pearce to Tom Hanks is carrying one–and now maybe you too.


Hipster gifts: fredericks & mae bocce balls

fredericks & mae bocce balls

($320 at Poketo)
For your next impromptu pick-up game.

Hipster gifts: owen & fred shaving kit bag

owen & fred shaving kit bag

($68 at Iron and Resin)
If you’re going to be away from home, it’s nice to remember you’re loved.

Hipster gifts: pattern bike bell

pattern bike bell

($24 at Poketo)
Did we mention that bikes are big now?

Hipster gifts: handmade-in-the-USA black leather gloves

handmade-in-the-USA black leather gloves

($72 at Iron and Resin)
The perfect balance of tough and stylish, with an awesome locally-made backstory too.

Hipster gifts: absinthe and bourbon cologne

absinthe and bourbon cologne by rue 1807

($59.85 at Gent Supply Co)
What hip smells like.


Hipster gifts: buffalo plaid trucker jacket

buffalo plaid trucker jacket

($119 at Urban Outfitters)
Of course.


All gift ideas have been editorially chosen by our staff; there is no compensation in exchange for recommendations. CMP is an Amazon and reward style affiliate partner. Discount codes expire 12/31/14.
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