Cool Gifts for the Dude Who Loooooves His Music and Movies


gifts for music lovers: Danny Clinch, Still Moving


We’ve always loved cool music and movie gifts–maybe because we’re also fans of cool music and movies? Not to mention the guys who love them. So if a night in can be as exciting to him than a night out, we’ve found some of the coolest gifts for the guy who loves his media and entertainment. And we have to admit, it’s not really just for guys–we’d gladly accept any one of these gifts ourselves.


Danny Clinch, Still Moving

($31.52 at Amazon)
Photography of the most important musicians of our time from one of the most spectacular rock ‘n’ roll photographers.

gifts for movie lovers: roku tv by hisense

roku tv by hisense

($349.99 at Best Buy for 40″)
The Roku TV is getting raves and uh…well, we want one too.


gifts for movie lovers: superman quote print

superman quote print

($4.92+ at 17th and oak; order by 12/8)
Who says inspirational quote art can’t be totally manly?


gifts for music lovers: crosley turntable

crosley turntable

($80 at Nordstrom)
Those vinyls aren’t going to play themselves.


gifts for movie lovers: zombie survival crate

zombie survival crate

($99.99 at Man Crates)
In the battle between the living and the living dead, the recipient of this gift will survive. And eat Spam.


gifts for music lovers: sonos playbar

sonos playbar

($699 at Sonos)
The easiest way to turn a living room, bedroom, or man cave into a serious movie theater. (Do people still say “man cave?”)


gifts for movie lovers: the wes anderson collection

the wes anderson collection

($23.72 at Amazon)
Unpublished photos and artwork interwoven with interviews and in-depth looks at all of Anderson’s films.


gifts for music lovers: visit the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland!

Two tickets to Cleveland

($varies–plus $13+ for the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame tix)
Hellllllooooo Cleveland!


gifts for music lovers: bowie heroes collectors tee

bowie heroes collectors tee

($152 at Pretty Green)
We know, for this price it should come with the actual David Bowie.

gifts for movie lovers: popcorn pillow

popcorn pillow

($37.95 at Zazzle)
Easier on the teeth than the real thing.


gifts for movie lovers: big lebowski pinball on preorder

big lebowski pinball machine

($8995 on preorder at The Big Lebowski Pinball)
It really pulls the room together.


All gift ideas have been editorially chosen by our staff; there is no compensation in exchange for recommendations. CMP is an Amazon and reward style affiliate partner. Discount codes expire 12/31/14.
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