Splurge Gifts for a Special Person Who Has Everything. Except This Stuff, Oddly Enough.


Holiday Splurge! Expensive gifts: multi game set in croc embossed box

We always call ourselves equal opportunity coveters, and if we had unlimited credit on our Platinum Cards, a few lucky folks on our lists would be indulged with these amazing splurge gifts.  It’s like pressing your face against the candy store window. Hard.


multi game set in croc embossed box

($1500 at Neiman Marcus)
Game on.

Holiday Splurge! Expensive gifts: luxury cashmere ribbed wrap

luxury cashmere ribbed wrap

($350 at Ivory Row)
Oh, how we want this. Uh…for you. We want it for you.

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Holiday splurge! Custom boards from Almond Surfboards

custom surfboard

($varies at Almond Surf Boards)
Even nicer if it comes with tickets to Oahu.


Holiday Splurge! Expensive gifts: shearling mittens

shearling mittens

($295 at Coach)
She’ll be crossing her fingers for a snowstorm every day of winter.


Holiday Splurge! Expensive gifts: broadway tickets for two

broadway tickets for two

($ varies, at Telecharge)
And a plane trip to get there, if necessary.

Holiday Splurge! Expensive gifts: benj extreme stunt scooter

micro mx benj extreme stunt scooter

($349.99 at Micro Kickboard)
Our sponsor Micro Kickboard obviously makes popular scooters for little kids–but did you know they make these super cool, perfectly balanced, high-end stunt scooters for adults too? Awesome.


Holiday Splurge! Expensive gifts: White truffles from Eataly

white truffles from eataly

($168 for 1 oz; $658 for 4 oz at Eataly)
We would stay home every single night shaving gobs of it over homemade risotto. Oof.

Holiday Splurge! Expensive gifts: bottega veneta metallic woven leather hobo bag

bottega veneta metallic woven leather hobo bag

($3100 at Saks Fifth Avenue)
We wouldn’t kick it out of our closets.


Holiday Splurge! Expensive gifts: home decorating session with the novogratz

home decorating session with the novogratz

($ varies at The Novogratz)
We can’t think of an indulgence we can justify more than a fresh start to the new year with some big changes to our abode. Celeb-fave designers, Courtney and Robert Novogratz, have a portfolio you can’t stop browsing.


Holiday Splurge! Expensive gifts: small ruffled emerald locket

small ruffled emerald locket

($5885 at Charm & Chain)
What a spectacular gift for a new mom, a special grandmother, or the love of your life.

Holiday Splurge! Expensive gifts: burberry leather trim backpack

burberry leather trim backpack

($795 at Burberry)
For the guy who’s too fancy for a collegiate backpack, but not really a briefcase kind of guy.


Holiday Splurge! Expensive gifts: valentino rock stud rain boot

valentino rock stud rain boot

($425 at Just Jeffrey)
We’re drooling. Good thing they’re waterproof.



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