Month: June 2006

The Working Mom’s Survival Guide

Surfing around in search of online resources for working moms, the good ones seem to be far and few between. Most look a lot like…well, work. Blech.Mom and GAP bigwig Amy Keroes knew better when she developed Mommy Track’d, the working mother’s online guide to managed chaos. The site positions itself as a survival guide for working moms, but that betrays its contemporary look and refreshingly playful tone. Click around and you’ll find tips to help you get organized, shortcuts that buy you more free time, and ways to treat yourself when it feels like you’re too busy taking...

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Make it a Double

With all the great frank and funny mom books out there, it’s about time someone came up with an equally entertaining daddy alternative. So we were tickled when we found out that Robert Wilder, well-known writer, columnist, and dad of two, had done just that.

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It Isn’t Just For Breakfast Anymore

Summer is citrus season, as evidenced by the aisles of the local grocery store and the newest two-piece set from online boutique Sophia Carolina. Mom-slash-designer Sophia has paired this flouncy, juicy, good-enough-to-drink skirt with a simple white tank that’s punctuated with a lemon/lime/orange applique. Like all of her handmade dresses and little girl’s outfits, the citrus set is adorably, innocently, kid-like. None of that hoochie mama-in-training stuff here, no sir. Plus, all of the items are one-of-a-kind or made in very limited production. So shop Sophia Carolina now or risk missing out on all the scurvy-preventing goodness....

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It’s a Crafter’s World. We Just Live in It.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we here at Cool Mom Picks love the crafty types. We’ve also learned that you can’t call yourself crafty without having Kiddley bookmarked in your browser. Kiddley is the brand new website from Claire Robertson (the mastermind behind Loobylu) that provides everyday do-it-yourself ideas for parents and their kids. At just a quick glance, you’ll find easy craft ideas, helpful website links, andfungames and projectsthat even the craftily-challenged could tackle. We love the yummy Dahl recipe (Indian + Lentils = Nirvana) and the button bouquet is not only cute, it’s relatively idiot-proof....

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Beyond Goodnight Moon

If you’ve ever stood slack-jawed in the children’s section of Borders, entirely overwhelmed by the selection, you’re not alone. Board book or hardcover? Pat the Bunny or Hop on Pop? It’s maddening. But a book on books–that’s the last book I would have thought I needed to insure my child’s taste for the written word.

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Tattoo You

While the CMP staff has a bit of an irreverent streak, we do draw the line at tattooing your children. Unless the tattoo reads MOM in which case…no. No no no. No tattooing babies. But we can support the Mom Tattoo tee from Small Roar. This is a real mom and pop operation, run by mom Stephannie and pop Mike Weikert. They call their clever clothing "the fusion of graphic design, free speech and baby clothes" and we’re digging that fusion in a big way.Besides the Mom Tattoo, there are four other clever, conceptual designs (check out The Future)...

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Hats On!

I love hats. Looooove. My poor kid has a different hat for every hour of the day, every occasion, and every nap-time. So when I happened uponBabyfairiesand their oh-so-adorable-headgear, I died. I seriously fell to the floor and convulsed from the cuteness. (Okay not really, but close enough).

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Why is This Woman Smiling? Because She Has the Day Off.

Recently, calculated that the 10.6 million stay-at-home moms in America are each worth an average of $134,000 a year. And yet–do they get overtime? No. Do they get year-end bonuses? No. Do they get to call in sick after a night of Jager shots and dirty dancing at the office Christmas party? If only. And certainly, they don’t get vacation time. Which is why mom and author Jen Singer devised the ingenious Please Take My Children To Work Day. What started as wishful thinking is now a bona fide holiday, as the governors of six states have officially...

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I Can Practically Smell the Pineapples

This fun, handmade hula pattern skirt from mom-owned One Little Monkey is the perfect garment to herald the arrival of summer, if only because it’s 180 degrees from any sort of uptight school uniform or requisite navy gym shorts. If for some crazy reason your daughter is already over her quota of kitchy Hawaiian-print apparel, the skirt comes in other unconventional patterns as well (I admit to being partial to the chopsticks) in sizes 2T-5. It seems an appropriate purchase to celebrate the freedom of summer. Even if it is her freedom and not yours. Harumph....

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Just in Case They Don’t Believe You

If your child is anything like mine then chances areyouwere the one telling your friends and family her first words. I mean, now she’ll say "hi" and "no" in public, but when we tried to get her to express her first words to anyone but us, we were out of luck. It’s too bad we didn’t have these cute "first words" shirts from CMP fave Three Girls and Us. Not only will they create a shirt (or bib) with your child’s first words, they’ll add the translation, just in case they’re like my daughter andsaid "uck" – you know,...

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