Month: March 2007

Boyz in the Hoodie

As much time as I spend on the web tracking down cool clothes for kids, I’m admit I’m still often at a loss for gifts when I hear a friend has a boy on the way. If only I liked those sailor suits, things would be a whole lot easier. And then I discovered Sir Hayes

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Maternity Clothes Guaranteed to Fit

Nothing can prepare a first-time pregnant friend for the ordeal that is maternity shopping. Except for maybe you. That is, if you have it in you to dash her expectations that she’ll look adooooorable in those chic low-rise jeans for the entire nine months.

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A Bag for Every Season

Why is it that it’s acceptable to have fifteen purses in your closet that serve very specific functions, but then people look at you funny if you want to register for more than one diaper bag? Sometimes a girl needs a little variety. And there’s no more perfect time for a new bag than the first day of Spring.

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Couch Potatoes No More

One year ago, two other movie-loving moms, Sarah Bowman and Diane Shakin, founded Kids off the Couch to help LA-area families turn the passive act of film-watching into active adventures around town that get kids psyched about film, culture and yes, even spending time with you.

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Honor Thy Belly

Yes, we’d all like to be the type to embrace and adore every crease and crevice, every jiggle and wiggle in our figures as we evolve from imperfect to imperfect and pregnant; but I’m afraid those types are limited to Dove ads and Dr. Phil segments. So I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to try pretty much anything to stave off the dreaded stretch marks.

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I Don’t Have a Drinking Problem

Just this week I was browsing the juice box aisle for my toddler, thinking how convenient it would be to be able to stash one of those in the diaper bag and forgo the sippy cup. And then I remembered that the last time we tried juice boxes it entailed a change of clothes. For both of us.

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Children of the Children of the 70s

Some trends in kidswear cannot be short-lived enough. That whole pimp genre of little boys’ tees? If I never see another one again that would be just fine. But one trend I’m loving: The groovy 70s-inspired designs on kids tees, that look eerily like the ones I might have worn back in my way younger days.

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No Songs ‘Til Brooklyn

I’m not always crazy about theme-y kids albums. 100 Songs About Spiders – whoopie. But when I hear the theme revolves around my own home base of Brooklyn, En-Why–well then I have to check it out

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Making Even the Most Disorganized Mom Look Put Together

Having a baby can even the most organized of mothers a run for their money. And save having a personal assistant, it seems like it’s a common known fact that moms just aren’t going to be able to keep everything together as well as they did pre-kiddo.

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Mommy Needs a Daquiri

I’m all for books that teach my kids more than just their animals. I mean, cripes, if we have to take the time to read it to them 500 times, it might as well teach them other things too, right? Like how to make their own breakfast, mow the lawn, or even better, make me a cocktail.

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