Month: May 2007

Germs! All Over His Shirt!

I’ve always thought that that old nursery rhyme about little boys being made of snips and snails and puppydog tails was sort of weird. First of all: Snails? Really? When’s the last time your kid played with a snail? And what the heck is a snip, anyway?

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Emily Post Would Be Proud

I nearly fell over when I received a birthday card from a friend of mine who had just had her baby one week prior. Heck. A week after having my baby I don’t think I was getting enough sleep to use a pen let alone get a card in the mail.

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Zen and the Art of the Sleeping Baby

I often wondered, night after sleepless night, as my daughter lay snuggled in my bed, what it was about her crib she hated so much? Was it the color? The wood? The discount price?

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Lights Out, Pardner

Great nurseries and kids rooms are often made in the details–and they don’t have to be expensive. I’ve found a funky old 25 cent postcard leaning on a bookshelf can make more of an impression than that $800 crib.

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Book Snob Heaven

My family and I are serious book lovers. Okay, we’re full-on snobs. I admit it. We only have eyes for the worthwhile page-turners and even my toddler has learned to resist the call of the flashy but content-lite pages in the bargain bins and head straight for the award winners. That’s my girl!

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Buh-Bye Mom Shoes

Mom jeans definitely get more than their fair share of negative press. But hit the playground and you’ll see that mothers can be just as big fashion offenders in the shoe department. Comfort is one thing, but running shoes? Really? Like, all the time?

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The Only Thing They Can’t Do is Push the Kid Out for You

It took me all of 20 minutes to run screaming out of Babies R Us while attempting to put together my registry. If only I had a bit ofguidance–and a trust fund–to help me navigate my way through baby preparations. I would have surely relied on one off the two amazing if indulgent mom services we’ve recently uncovered.

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Thanks to the terrible threes, possessiveness has risen to a new level in our home. So, in order to keep my son’s clothing from turning into my daughter’s dress-up wardrobe, I’ve turned to Mabel’s Labels new Tag-mates for help.

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