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This morning, my social media streams were in an uproar about a tee for tween girls that declared “I’m too pretty to do homework…so my brother has to do it for me.” I can’t begin to tell you the number of things wrong with that message; but then, you already know them all.

Over the years, Kristen and I have been excited to feature clothing that promotes positive messages about our daughters. Here, just a few of our favorites. Liz

SATees (above) show off your little kid’s knowledge–or future knowledge–of big words. Grab your daughter that tee that says “erudite” or “sapient,” either of which are so much cooler than “princess.” Or uh, “future trophy wife.”

fix your computer tee

I’m in love with this No, I Will Not Fix Your Computer tee–so awesome on a little girl–or boy, for that matter.

future librarian

Three years ago, our back to school guide featured an entire category of smart-kid tees, including this Future Librarian tee from Sarah Utter. We love it just as much in 2011.

kurt vonnegut tee

Reckon Tees are a longtime favorite–silkscreened portraits from the worlds of history, philosophy, literature, science and pop culture. Baby Wit has a great selection, including Noam Chomsky, Stephen Hawking, and Frida Kahlo. This photo: My own daughter sporting Kurt Vonnegut.

love smart tee

I dig the Love Smart tee at Spreadshirt not just for its message, but because it comes more colors than pink.

tiny revolutionary tee

Tiny Revolutionary makes amazingly soft, beautifully designed, gender-neutral shirts for babies and kids with messages like¬†Stand Up for What You Believe In, and my favorite, I’ll Change the World Someday.

Wonder Woman baby onesie

Not every girl dreams of being a princess. Unless you mean an Amazon Princess. That’s why we love this Wonder Woman onesie.

Keep an eye on these pages for more empowering tees for girls, as always.

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  • Reply August 31, 2011


    Love these!! Thank you for the round up. Heading to Reckon Tees to see if Frieda Kahlo comes on a tween sized tee.

    thanks for being awesome everyday, seriously.


  • Reply August 31, 2011


    I can’t even find words for how awesome these are. I have three boys, but if we ever have a girl one day, I’m buying the erudite onesie in a heartbeat. Thanks for sharing these!

  • Cool Mom Picks
    Reply August 31, 2011

    Cool Mom Picks

    They’re available for boys too, Amanda. And in kid sizes!

  • Reply September 1, 2011

    Meghan L

    Love this! Fabulous rebuff to the JC Penney shirts out in the recent catalog with “I’m too pretty to do homework…”

  • Reply February 28, 2012


    FYI, I have the “No, I will not fix your computer” shirt for my son and they seem to run small. I bought a size 4 but length is closer to his 2T shirts.

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