The Petit Collage book of crafts: Perfect for DIYers, or those who always wanted to be.

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It’s entirely possible that we are Petit Collage groupies, considering how many times we’ve gushed over their beautifully designed toys, books, and kids’ room decor. And now with Petit Collage 25 Easy Craft + Decor Projects For A Playful Homewe have even more cause to celebrate, because the marvelous artist Lorena Siminovich has written her first book of crafts and decor, with all 25 projects taken straight from her bestselling collection.

Released today, this is a lovely little book that makes for such good eye-candy, you might just want to turn the pages and never attempt a single project. That said, that is unlikely to happen. Even if you are a beginner crafter (ahem, yours truly), the simplicity of the instructions and necessary materials  along with Siminovich’s gentle “everyone is an artist” foreword will make you feel like anything is possible. Or at least anything in this book.

Hard-core crafters need not fear. You’ll find a wide variety of projects from beginner through advanced. These range from constructing a simple mobile with a little decoupage and a craft knife, all the way up to building an entire table–which is not as hard as it sounds, pinky swear.

Petit Collage book of 25 easy crafts: DIY growth chart

Petit Collage book of crafts: DIY mobile

Petit Collage book of crafts: DIY menu board project

Book of crafts by Petit Collage: DIY Animal masks for kids

Petit Collage: 25 Easy Craft and Decor Projects for a Playful Home by Lorena Siminovich
I especially love the “Kid Fun” sidebars included along with many of the projects–little crafts that go hand-in-hand with the adult version as a sort of a mini DIY exploration for junior artists. If someone like Siminovich had been around to encourage me when I was a kid, maybe I’d have advanced beyond beginner crafter by now. 

Purchase the book of crafts, Petit Collage 25 Easy Craft + Decor Projects for a Playful Home at our affiliate, Amazon,  or purchase a signed copy from Lorena Siminovich on the Petit Collage website which helps support the artist directly.


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    Thank you for this post! I was wondering where the metal bins behind you in the photo you holding up the mobile are from? Thank you!

    • Liz
      Reply January 14, 2015


      Hi Lisa, the bins behind her are called galvanized aluminum bins. You should be able to search for the ones you want but we found these similar aluminum bins on wheels from CB2, and this set of 6 galvanized bins that look just like the ones in the photo, on Amazon. Hope that helps.

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