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A gift for kids who believe fairies are real. Aren’t they?

I may not allow Elf on a Shelf in my house, and Peter Pan is definitely not welcome to fly through my kids’ bedroom window, but having some magical fairy visitors would be just fine. Especially if it means my kids go eagerly to bed in the hopes that one will stop by while they are sleeping. The Dreamland Fairy Kit is just the kind of place a fairy may want to visit and would make an awesome fairy gift for kids who believe that fairies are real. Developed by moms Cassie Slane and Ami Van Dine after their six-year-old daughters proposed the...

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We love this fresh, modern nursery print to Neverland and back

Yup, we believe in fairies. Because we have a hardcore Peter Pan fan in the house. I can’t tell you how many times I have needed to tell my daughter that I needed a break from pretending to be Peter (she then suggests I be Captain Hook instead). When I found this Peter Pan themed print by Australia’s Seal Design Studio while looking for art for her new big girl room, I realized how surprisingly well Neverland could fit into the decor. I find this modern take on a retro movie poster completely charming. It captures the sweet wonder of the...

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Fairy tale houses–they’re not just for fairy tales anymore

When I first saw pictures of the amazing, whimsical and unbelievably detailed fairy tale houses and furniture by Mike and Debbie Schramer I simply marveled. This brilliant husband and wife team use real flowers, branches, roots, and moss, to create these breathtaking fairy furniture masterpieces. You have to click over to appreciate the detail. But they’re not just meant to be looked at, they’re meant to be enjoyed. Why buy pink plastic doll furniture when you can have a hand crafted tea party set? Add little forest people and animals and your child’s imagination is sure to run rampant....

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