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Easy, fun Halloween papercrafts for kids that don’t require anything you don’t have in the house already. (You have scissors, right?)

If your kids are like mine and Kristen’s, they started counting down to Halloween…oh, November 1 of last year. Now that they’re in full Halloween commando mode, I’ve been looking for some easy crafts to distract them from asking me for the hundredth time to just open one of the bags of candy now please please please. Oh, and when I say easy, I mean I don’t have to go out and buy one more thing. While we’ve shared quite a few crafts this year already, I like all of these last-minute Halloween papercrafts that I’ve found recently and bookmarked for my own kids, not just because...

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Our new favorite spot for printable toys: Smallful

One of our great joys with this site is supporting small businesses and fellow indie publishers. (Hey, we still have a blogroll. Remember those?) And now one of our favorite bloggers and friends, Mari Richards of the fantastic design site Small for Big, falls squarely into both camps with her new shop Smallful, which is all about printable toys and other playthings for kids. Mari is a toy designer and graphics artist by trade–with phenomenal taste, I might add–so it’s no surprise that the printable toys in her shop are exquisite. Right now she’s transitioning from Halloween (though masks are good for any...

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The most impressive handmade Halloween masks on Etsy. Who gets the best candy now?

I tend to think that making my kids’ Halloween costumes is a great idea. I also tend to be wrong. Not only does it always take way much time than I have, but it can end up being every bit as expensive as buying something. My 9-year-old is feeling like maybe a full costume isn’t cool anymore, so this year I’m helping him plan a simple Halloween costume around a really exquisite mask like these gorgeous handmade Halloween masks I’ve been admiring on Etsy for the last few weeks. As for my daughter, she still wants an elaborate costume, but maybe she can...

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Smiling (not scary!) printable skull masks to celebrate the Day of the Dead

See ya, Halloween: We bid a fond farewell to pumpkins, goblins, and waaaay too much candy to celebrate today and tomorrow’s Latin American holiday Day of the Dead. The Day of the Dead is so cool, we love to celebrate it, even though we’re thousands of miles north of the border. One of our favorite decorations for “Dia de los Muertos” are the beautifully decorated, smiling skulls known as calaveras, unlike the grimacing visages of Halloween. And with this easy, creative, and free craft, you too can create your own version of this holiday with your kids this year....

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What does the fox say? Make these masks for Halloween and find out.

Even with the magic of Etsy and overnight shipping, we love knowing that with the right PDF file, anything is possible in the costume department. Whether you’re into weird Nordic videos about foxes or need a superhero costume in a pinch, here’s a great shop with unique masks that you can make by hand after a quick trip to the craft store. Does your kid change his mind about Halloween every day? I’m pretty sure my son is going to be either a flying pig, a hippo mole, or Batman. Luckily, OxeyeDaisey on Etsy offers a wide range of...

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Two cute animal crafts for kids that also benefit other kids.

When two of our favorite peeps get together to raise awareness of two of our favorite animals with fun, free DIY kids crafts, the results are four times the fun.  Our pals at Moomah and Tea Collection have joined together to work with the Global Fund for Children to provide a safe place for migrant children in China to play while their parents work. Now, inspired by pieces from Tea Collection’s China-inspired clothing collection, Moomah hopes to raise awareness of two of China’s threatened species and popular kid favorites, tigers and pandas. Each craft includes free printable templates and...

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Fantastic felt party props for great photo booth opps.

There you are, planning a nice simple kid’s birthday party, and bam! Suddenly your best laid plans to keep everything simple go haywire and you’ve reached wedding planning levels of crazy. Gearing up for my 4-year-old’s birthday party this year, I was determined to keep things as handmade and low(ish) budget as possible. After a bit of Internet hunting I found a fun party helper that will definitely add to the festivities–and the photos–with a minimum of fuss.  We settled on a Scooby Doo theme–my kid’s major obsession. While searching Etsy for Scooby artifacts, I discovered these cool handmade felt...

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How to throw the best Star Wars party. Or: Plan a Star Wars party, you will

It’s May the Fourth, Star Wars fans. Get it? May the Fourth…be with you. So party hard, we must with these recommendations for the coolest items and tips for throwing a great Star Wars themed party for the kids. Or…not the kids? One of the great things about Star Wars is that all ages can enjoy it, especially as relates to parties. For example, even the tiniest padawans can enjoy these Star Wars party kawaii cupcake toppers from Party Paper Parade on Etsy without any of the scary rancors or the Emperor’s creepy, veiny face.   Before descending on a...

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Masquerade, pretty faces on parade

In spring, a young man’s thoughts lightly turn to love. In fall, everyone’s thoughts turn to a really kickass Halloween costume. Right? If you’re looking for something really special this year, that will last past midnight on the 31st, the lovely leather masks from Etsy shop Sundries and Plunder are entirely handmade… and entirely gorgeous. Each creation is made just for you; hand-cut and tooled from one piece of leather and hand-painted on both sides with acrylic paints.Then it’s sealed for added protection before arriving with a lovely ribbon for tying or hanging on the wall.  What do I...

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