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7 smells that every parent will know. For better or for worse.

This post was created for our partnership with Suave Essentials There are definitely certain smells that every parent comes to know. In fact, we think you’ll be pretty familiar with those fragrances — wonderful and uh, otherwise — that we are subjected to on a daily, if not hourly, basis. So we had the best time putting together this fun video about those very things, for our partnership with a brand who gets it too: Suave Essentials body wash. You know, the stuff from the commercials where three Suave body wash fragrances are chosen over three body wash fragrances from a premium brand? Take a look at our video, laugh with...

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This soap can save lives.

When we’re browsing the seemingly endless soap aisle at the grocery store, it’s easy to forget that the basics for good hygiene can still present a big challenge in many parts of the world. A bar of soap can literally save lives, preventing a child from dying from pneumonia or saving a mother and child during birth and delivery. Enter Health 2 Humanity, or H2H, which sells vegan, cruelty-free, non-GMO, hypo-allergenic soap that’s all made in California, and uses the proceeds to change lives in three African countries. I tried all four scents, and they’re lovely. The Lemon is my favorite — a bright and cheerful citrus that...

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The best beauty tips from my mother — and the other beautiful women in my life.

Beauty is a delicate thing to talk about, especially as a mom raising girls. I want my girls to feel great about themselves no matter what; but I can’t deny that beauty is a part of our society — whether you define that as simply putting yourself together like you made some effort, knowing how to look appropriate in various social settings, remembering to brush your hair before school (how come that one never sticks?), or just thinking twice before lining the inside of your eyelids with fat, sparkly turquoise eye pencils in 8th grade. Okay, so that last one was me. I’ve been talking to...

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Gelato you clean with, thanks to Method body wash

If the only ice cream you’ve indulged in lately has come from the snow in your backyard, then you’re not alone. This winter has been relentless for so many of us, which makes the new gelato-inspired summer collection of  Method body wash and hand soap a welcome treat for our senses. Yes, body wash. We’re excited too. We love Method for their original flavor combos and fun collaborations with companies like Disney, and the new collection does not disappoint. Inspired by a bevy of frozen desserts you might spot in some fancy Tribeca boite, Method’s new scents include orange ginger sorbet, brambleberry gelato and vanilla creme....

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A natural, foaming hand soap with all the watermelon scent, none of the pits.

I’ve been an avowed Mrs. Meyers fan ever since they let me run around in their laboratory, mixing up eco-conscious cleaning products and dabbing the basil fragrance behind my ears. My kids are fans now, too, as there’s nothing they love as much as their own foaming hand soap–especially when it smells like watermelon. The new Foaming Hand Soap from Mrs. Meyers contains the same 98% naturally-derived ingredients as the brand’s regular hand soaps, but are improved a thousand-fold in my kids’ eyes by the addition of exciting foam! And bubbles! They also love the new kid-friendly watermelon and apple...

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A custom baby shower favor that won’t end up in the back of a drawer somewhere

If you’re on the hunt for a squee-worthy custom baby shower favor that people will actually use and love, look no further. We’ve found all-natural, handmade soaps with customizable wrappers and delicious scents that will look posh on display at the shower — and feel even more posh at home in the shower. Purple Mache on Etsy is a woman-run shop specializing in handcrafted bath goods made from high-quality, luxurious oils and local plants. Every soap I’ve tried is lovely, moisturizing, and bubbly. But what’s really cool about Purple Mache soaps is that you can buy them in bulk...

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Time to ditch the antibacterial hand soaps in favor of these 5 safe soaps for babies and kids.

If you’ve been following the recent news (and our own posts for the last few years), it  turns out that antibacterial soaps are not the safe soaps for babies and kids they’ve claimed  to be. The FDA recently issued a statement saying that after 40 years of study, they’ve found no evidence that anti-bacterial agents, such as triclosan, are any more effective than regular soap and water in killing bacteria. Worse yet, triclosan and its like may be messing with our hormone levels and creating drug-resistant bacteria. Uh, no thanks!  While natural hand sanitizers are still a good option if soap isn’t...

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It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas: natural, affordable holiday edition soaps that make cleaning less of a chore

One of the little things I do over the holidays is swap out the grapefruit dish soap or lavender hand pump for something a little more festive. It’s a simple way to make everything feel more holiday-ish the second we walk in the door. It used to be that only the fancy, high-end boutique brands carried incredible fragrances, but now I love that so many favorite natural brands are making them readily available. Here, just a few favorites you can find online or as close as your local market.   Method Holiday Collection Method has always done a great...

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Ever wished you could bathe in a peppermint mocha?

I love my peppermint mocha latte as much as the next girl, so it’s a shame they’re gone so fast that all I’m left with is a whipped cream mustache and fond memories. But when you combine the delicious scent of peppermint and cocoa with luscious body products backed by organic and fair trade production, you’ve got a heavenly match that lasts longer than five mouth-burning minutes of bliss. Moksa Organics is a company based on love for nature, activism, and peace, so you know this Mistletoe Holiday Bath Set is as kind to the world as it is...

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Head of the class: This personalized teacher’s gift beats an apple any day

Whether you can’t wait for the school bus to come, or you wish summer would never quit, it’s nice to remember all those teachers who are revving up for another year of hard work. And I can’t think of a better gift for those hardworking teachers than one that says, “Thanks! I hope my kid doesn’t get you sick in the first month.”     Miss Bee’s Boutique’s personalized soap dispenser is a great gift for a new homeroom teacher. What teacher doesn’t need a big vat of antibacterial soap at the ready to fight back all those sneezes,...

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Sustainable suds that do good (and smell great)

This soap looks gorgeous, smells amazing, and saves lives while helping the environment. Meaning we suddenly need to wash our hands. A lot. We love soaps that do good in the world, and the brand Hand in Hand has a lot to offer. The brainchild of a husband-wife team who wanted to found a business based on sustainable giving, Hand in Hand goes the extra mile to improve the world on two fronts: for every bar purchased, they provide one bar of soap to a child in Haiti and save 50 square feet of rain forest. But we know...

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Scrub-a-dub-dub, Zoo Zuds in the tub

I love the idea of all-natural soaps, but often I don’t actually love the actual all-natural soap. Sometimes they just seem… I don’t know. Fussy. Slimy. And weird-smelling. So you have to believe me when I tell you that hand-made Zoo Zuds, currently on sale at Bitsy Birdie, are something of a trifecta of awesomeness. First, each bar is named for an animal and the label gives you cool stats about that animal. Second, these are solid (read: not slimy!) bars of substantial soap, with gentle veggie oils as a base (suitable for even the most sensitive skin). And...

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