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Rough Day? Have we got the wine glass for you.

Some days are just…yeah. That. You know what I mean. And maybe a glass of wine will help, or maybe even an empty one –at least if they’re these fantastic Rough Day Wine Glasses. Come on, you know you want to laugh. They’re like the perfect post-breakup BFF gift or the stemware to pull out when the kids are off to the grandparents and you’ve got a girls’ night in. (And yes, I speak from occasional experience in that department.) It seems to be about the size of a typical Cab/Bordeaux glass, so don’t worry if once in a while you actually go ahead and fill...

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Glassful: The artisanal, indie version of a wine of the month club. About time!

Even though I love wine, I find the experience of selecting wine a little overwhelming. I never remember what I love most, can’t seem to buy the same bottle twice (unless, of course, it’s a wine I didn’t enjoy), and always feel like I’m relying on others to figure out what to buy. Glassful, a new monthly subscription box service (or call it a newfangled wine-of-the-month club) from the caring oenophiles at at Glassful HQ in New York City, is meant for people like me. They assess your taste in wine and delivers three bottles that have been curated just for you every month,...

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How to make the best ever mulled wine. Because winter is coming.

Knowing how to make mulled wine is at the top of my holiday season skills list, along with pie making, gift wrapping, and secret keeping. (I score 2 out of 4. Can you guess my failures?!) Mulled wine is one of my favorite winter drinks. Like a warm version of sangria, it is packed with citrus and boosted with holiday spices. Make a big batch of this mulled wine recipe and keep it warm all day to keep the wine-drinkers in your family happy.   To make this mulled wine, you’ll need: 4 750ml bottles of red wine (see...

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The best Thanksgiving wines for $20 or less, plus tips for picking your own holiday wine (no snobbery included).

You’ve planned and prepped for your Thanksgiving meal and then suddenly you remember: wine! (Or is that just me?) I generally drink wines I like, no matter what’s on the table–I’m easy that way. The Thanksgiving challenge is that there’s so much on the table, with so many bold, rich flavors, it’s hard to figure out how to pair wines with Thanksgiving dinner.  However putting a little bit of thought into your Thanksgiving wines can help keep you from serving ones that clash with the many flavors of the day. Nothing too fancy, though; all of my Thanksgiving wine picks are $20...

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Web coolness – Movies recreated in LEGO, Halloween costumes to avoid, and the Brandy Melville debate

Here are our favorite links from around the web this week. Hope you like them too!   Stop-motion scenes from 60 movies all recreated in LEGOs. By a 15-year-old! Brilliant. A great reason to become a Cool Mom Tech subscriber today. As in…today. Right now. Stat. Mingos, Rapartment, and Extrasize: We never get tired of funny words that kids mispronounce. A popular brand of tween and teen clothes that only comes in small: Heated debate on our Facebook page. When does social media start to feel not-so-social? Tough discussion about racially sensitive Halloween costumes. Would this change how your kids dress...

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9 creative summer Sangria recipes to make you crave a trip to Barcelona

As much as we love margaritas, mojitos and skinny cocktail recipes, sometimes summer calls for a glass of wine. Not just any glass of wine, but a refreshing, chilled, fruit-filled glass of wine, better known as sangria. Check out these 9 unexpected, creative sangria recipes to find a version for every taste, mood and summer occasion, from laid back BBQs to elegant alfresco dinner parties, or even just a treat for a night in after a long, hot day. I can’t say that you’d actually find any of them on the menus of Madrid or Barcelona, but hey, you purists...

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The Wines of Westeros: Here’s to you, Ned Stark

If you’re pining for more Game of Thrones like I am (can’t it just run every week for forever?) at least now there’s a way to drown your sorrows with the Wines of Westeros. Created as a fan project by Australian ad agency agency Common Venture, I think they’re maybe the coolest geeky hostess gift I’ve seen. Unlike any mead ever served at Inn at the Crossroads, these actually look like decent Australian  wines – Sauvignon Blancs to represent Stark, Arryn, Greyjoy, and the Wildings;  and a Chardonnay for House Tyrell (Margarery totally strikes me as a Chardonnay drinker, so, perfect).  As for...

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Yellow Tail Sangria: The taste of spain without all that fruit chopping

I am definitely a sangria gal in the summer–or whenever tapas is around–and while I am dying to make all of Stacie’s recos for great skinny sangria recipes, I’ve gotta admit, I’m lazy. Unless I’m entertaining a group of friends, I’m probably not going to take the time to cut up all that fruit and look for the right brandy blah blah. That said, I’m fairly skeptical about anything pre-made in a bottle. And yet Yellow Tail Sangria? I have to say, surprisingly tasty! I was worried that it would either have that sickly, oversweet taste like a bad wine cooler from...

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10 of the best essential summer wine accessories to keep your vino fresh, cool and portable.

I love a good glass of wine any time of the year, but especially during the summer months. There’s something about sipping a good rosé on a picnic or starting dinner with an effervescent, chilled dry Lambrusco that brings out the wine lover in me. The weather makes wine feel casual and my favorite summer wine accessories make drinking it easy. Hope they help you too.   In the summer I nearly exclusively drink from my GoVino glasses, which we count among our picnic essentials here at Cool Mom Picks. These attractive cups made specifically for wine are made from a BPA-free...

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Wine2go portable wine bags: The life of the (pool) party

Our neighborhood pool has a strict no-glass policy, which is why I’m excited about the portable wine bags from Wine2Go. I get that glass, concrete and bare feet are a dangerous mix, but relaxing by a moonlit pool after a long day while my kids swim just feels like a nice time to have a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and this is a better way to do it than you might think.   The plastic Wine2Go container holds a full bottle of wine, while the Flask2Go portable wine bag each holds 8 ounces, or 5 shots, of liquor. Not that I recommend slamming...

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