If we hadn’t made it blatantly clear just yet, then we’re happy to let you know (again) that the Cool Mom Picks co-founders Kristen and Liz are among the contributors to Rita Arens‘ new anthology Sleep is for the Weak, along with CMP contributor Rita and Mir Kamin and they’ll be appearing at a couple of venues (sounds fancy, right?) in the next couple of weekends.

You can visit with Kristen, Mir, and Rita in Atlanta Saturday 9/6 from 4-7 at local artisan hot spot and mom-owned, The Beehive Co-op. Get your book signed and win some door prizes from CMP local faves including Tiny Revolutionary, Darling Mummy, Blabla Kids, and idbids.

Kids are welcome of course. Even the ones who keep us up nights.

If you’re a Northern dweller, stay tuned for details about the Brooklyn signing on September 12!


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