As we are recognizing Black History Month right along with Valentine’s Day, in February, I’ve found some wonderful Black chocolatiers who are making history in their own right: with entrepreneurship that helps create more racial and economic justice through…chocolate. Exquisite, creative, delicious chocolate.

We always love sharing chocolate gifts with gorgeous designs and unique flavors from those small makers who are elevating the craft of chocolate-making well beyond the typical. These Black chocolatiers all definitely fit the bill

Top: Selassie Atadika of Midunu Chocolates
Updated for 2024

Extraordinary Black-Owned Chocolate Companies You Should Know About

While we all have Valentine’s Day on our mind right this moment, let’s be honest: Chocolate knowns no season! And since Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and really, hard Mondays are also perfect times for chocolate, I hope you’ll keep this list of exceptional, Black-owned chocolatiers in mind whenever you need a perfect gift or a chocolate fix of  your own.


Seattle, WA: Hot Chocolat

Love these heart-shaped truffles from Seattle's Hot Chocolat

These beautiful artisan chocolates from Black-owned chocolate company Hot Chocolat in Seattle come with the best backstory: Chocolatier Michael D. Poole began his career as a firefighter and firehouse cook, who then took a detour to attend Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, before opening up his own chocolate-making business. Wow. Today he’s the culinary whiz behind chocolate gifts like the shiny, colorful assortment of hearts for Valentine’s Day ($50/11 piece box) in outrageously good flavor combinations like Milk Chocolate Pecan Praline, White Chocolate Lemon Meringue, Dark Chocolate Green Tea Matcha, and Mango Habanero Caramel.

Wayland, MA: Chocolate Therapy

Black-Owned Chocolatiers: Therapy Chocolate in Framingham

A local favorite in my neck of the woods for more than ten years, Chocolate Therapy offers spectacular, hand-crafted truffles courtesy of the talented husband-and-wife team, Pam and David Griffin. Order big or try their 4-piece mini heart collection ($10). Their innovative flavors are often inspired by ingredients with therapeutic properties including dark chocolate, olive oil, and rich-in-antioxidant blueberries. So can we call it health food? Sure!

Memphis, TN: Phillip Ashley Chocolates

Phillip Ashley chocolates: A Black-owned chocolatier we love. Here: Love Drunk chocolates, perfect for your Valentine

Memphis-based Phillip Ashley Chocolates is arguably one of the best known and most popular Black chocolate makers. Phillip Ashley Six caught my eye a couple of years ago with his incredibly beautiful chocolates and has since become a James Beard finalist, an Oprah favorite and a press darling. Just note there’s an extremely limited selection online right now, and lots of concerns with long ship times — it’s possible that as Phillip’s star rises, his focus is on something bigger .

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Accra, Ghana: Midunu Chocolates

Black-owned chocolate companies we love: Midunu Chocolates, from Ghanese chocolatier Selassie Atadika

Our editor Liz has been raving about these beautiful truffles she sampled from woman-owned Midunu Chocolates which taste as amazing as they look. Handcrafted in Ghana by chocolatier Selassie Atadikoa (also at very top), these chocolates come from cocoa beans grown on local farms using locally sourced ingredients — then expertly crafted by a team of women chocolatiers. (Love that.) Plus, they ship from the US, so yes, they’re fast and fresh. Selassie Atadika is living her values through her company, combining her extensive background in humanitarian work and her love for her home country, with her extensive culinary arts skills.

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Dallas, TX: Chocolate Secrets

Chocolate Secrets in Dallas is a Black-owned chocolatier making spectacular jewel-colored truffles


The only thing secret about the boxes of chocolates from Pam G Eudaric’s Dallas-based, Black-owned Chocolate Secrets is where I’m going to hide the box if I get one of these for Valentine’s Day! I’m drooling over the variety of flavors in each hand-painted confection — Brown Butter Caramel, Turkish Coffee, Coconut Lime, Strawberry Balsamic. And if you order The Valentine’s Chocolate Assortment ($108) just look at those red chocolate lips.

New York, NY: Harlem Chocolate Factory

Patrick Glanville of 3 Some Chocolates: One of the Black-owned chocolatiers you should definitely knowPatrick Ali Glanville via @3SomeChocolates

Harlem Chocolate Factory's chocolate brownstone bars are amazing gifts from a Black-owned chocolatierCalled one of Oprah’s Favorite Things and named on soooo many lists of the best chocolate shops anywhere, Harlem Chocolate Factory offers bonbon boxes that always sell out for Valentine’s Day. No surprise! While you can pick up locally, you can have items like their gorgeous chocolate brownstone bar or their beloved truffles delivered around the globe in flavors like Rose Champagne, Red Velvet, First Night on Lenox (made with dark chocolate, peach caramel, and smoked peach jam) — even one featuring Uncle Nearest Whiskey. 

Bronx, NY (by way of Chicago: My Chocolate Soul

Best Black-owned chocolatiers: My Chocolate Soul in The Bronx NY via Chicago

Ramona Thomas is the award-winning, highly-trained chocolatier behind My Chocolate Soul She’s gained a huge fan base elevating traditional favorites like turtles (mmm….turtles), almond crunch, and chocolate bark using all-natural, premium ingredients. And of course, she offers small-batch chocolate assortments with crowd-pleasing flavors from salted caramel to lemon basil. The one caveat: They sell-out Valentine’s chocolates super early!

Mt Vernon, NY: 3 Some Chocolates

3 Some Chocolates: The best Black-owned chocolate makers

Patrick Ali Glanville, in his own words, was sick of getting fired and being underpaid, so he didn’t get mad — he and his wife Kristin Parker started 3 Some Chocolatess in 2019, using the chocolate-making skills he had gained as a kid with his grandmother. Wow. Yes, the name is saucy, but it’s also a reference to the blend of dark, milk, and white chocolates in his trademark gourmet chocolate bars, including this ruby and white chocolate velvet bar. Lots to love here!

Ouanaminth, Haiti: Askanya Chocolates

Askanya Chocolates: Black-owned chocolates rated best in the world for Valentine's Day by Condé Nast Traveler

Don’t sleep on Askanya just because it’s overseas — this  Black-owned chocolatier has been named the best chocolate maker for Valentine’s Day by CondĂ© Nast Traveler. Their signature chocolate bars are all made in Haiti with local ingredients that have been ethically sourced from local farmers, then handcrafted exclusively by women. While they focus on bars and not truffle assortments, their signature chocolate collection gift box gives you a good sense of the simplicity and quality that’s in store for you.