We thought we’d close out 2008 with our carefully if somewhat painfully culled down list of favorites of our favorite items to shop for in the whole world–kids’ clothes, baby clothes, and kids’ shoes.

If only they didn’t outgrow these gorgeous things so easily. Oh well, that’s why we have second and third kids I suppose.

Kristen: My daughter got so many compliments in her Lou & Lee handmade onesie (at top) that I’ve decided to keep her in it forever (ha!)

Hand Knit Kids' Clothes from Shokay

Liz: If the idea of Tibetan yak hair fair trade kids’ clothes from Shokay sounds odd, think cashmere. Really, really yummy cashmere.

Recycled Felt Kids' Poncho from Felted Heart

Kristen: The adorable recycled sweater kids’ ponchos from Felted Heart are at the top of my most coveted kids’ clothes.

Courtney Courtney Recycled T-shirt Dress

Liz: The Courtney Courtney handmade dresses are the best use of recycled tees I’ve ever seen. Not that that sounds all that impressive come to think of it, but trust me, it is.

Little Boys' Blazer from House of Lux

Staff: Hooray for Dandy Social Club and House of Lux which have thousands of moms of little boys breathing a sigh of relief that there’s an alternative to stuffing the kid in stuffy ties and blazers on fancy occasions.

Umi Children's Sandals

Kristen: It’s too bad his feet grow because my son’s Umi shoes that he wore every single day still have tons of wear left.

Handmade Children's Boots from Livie and Luca

Liz: The handmade ankle boots from Livie and Luca are the best worn, most complimented, most appreciated article of clothing in my daughter’s wardrobe bar none.


Mei Tai Baby Carriers from Baby Bisou

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year 2008

Kristen: Fans of babywearing take note: Baby Bisou mei tai baby carriers are so stylish, they just may convert a few die-hard sling wearers to consider a mei tai.