Our art and decor categories are some of our richest, which always makes it hard to pare down our faves of 2010. Here, find just a few of our many, many favorites.


I think everything about Custom Toy Portraits (at top) is just magical. There’s no better way to preserve your child’s favorite stuffed friend–or even you own. –Liz

Hsing Ping Pan artwork

I’m so inspired by the bright, quirky art by Hsing Ping Pan. So fun for a baby nursery but still fitting as your baby turns toddler and kiddo too. -Kristen


Obrien & Schridde Wall Frame

I’m so happy that Obrien Schridde created a new line of handmade frames that are as elegant as the originals, only at a new, affordable price point. –Liz

Frazier + Wing Paper Mobiles

If you thought mobiles were just for a nursery, think again. The mobiles from Frazier and Wing (now also in collaboration with DwellStudio) would be beautiful anywhere in your home. -Kristen

Nursery Decor

Paper Boy Wallpaper

Wallpaper is back, and the designs from Paperboy Wallpaper are so cool, you can stick with them (ha) for a very long time. –Liz

alphabet wall decals

I love that decorating a room doesn’t necessarily involve a paintbrush or hammer and nails. With wall decals like the urban inspired Alphabet City by photographer Joanne Dugan, you can make your baby’s nursery super cool and personal in a matter of seconds. -Kristen

Kids Furniture

Eco-friendly Kids Furniture

The gorgeous eco-friendly designs by Brooklyn mom April Hannah is a fantastic alternative to the typical garish kid furniture out there that will look great in your home and grow with your kids. -Kristen

Bloom Luxo Crib

With drop-side cribs officially banned, the Luxo Crib from Bloom gives you a safe, beautiful new way to get that little sleeping baby into your arms faster. It’s like they reinvented the crib. –Liz

Around the House

Artwork Frames

The Lil Davinci frames made for storing kids’ artwork, is about the most brilliant thing in the world. Besides the artwork, of course. –Liz

Yoga Goat Housewares

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year 2010 - art and decor

With almost everything in my house kid-ified it’s nice to find beautiful goodies just for me. I’d take one of everything at YogaGoat, the Etsy store of talented artisan Amanda Ryznar. -Kristen