I am a total believer in aromatherapy. I know I sleep better with lavender in the room, and a little peppermint in a pedicure bath just makes me feel like walking again. Eventually. So when I spotted this funky new line of aromatherapy drops in a chic NY department store, you can imagine my nose was in every tester bottle.

21 Drops is now happily available online from our friends at 3floz — the folks who also sell the Cool Mom Picks curated New Mom Pampering Kit.

21 drops scents are made from very high quality botanicals, with a price to match–but don’t worry. You do get more than 21 drops in each one. The number actually stands for the 21 formulations, each intended to help with a different ailment or concern. Inspire Passion, Destress from your day, or to get some help surviving ailments like PMS or a Hangover, for which I will try anything at all.

The website includes suggestions as to where to roll each one on your body, based on eastern medicine techniques. But don’t expect it to last like perfume; the effects are definitely for the short-term.

Grab that bottle of Calm in its pretty packaging, and send it to the next friend who tells you she’s pregnant. She’ll need it. –Liz

Visit 3floz to find a wide selection of 21 Drops

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