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Scrapbooks as gifts are super sweet, even if they are a ton of work. It’s the kind of present that really makes the receiver feel special. That is why I’m really interested in a new company that’s putting a cool spin on a familiar concept.

Sure, you can make photo books on lots of different websites. You can even add text to personalize it. But at Twig Tale
they have created a series of books complete with text and layout that
gives you a great storyboard to work with–smart for those stretched for
time (and maybe creativity).

Is your child learning how to count? It would be fun to put
pictures of his favorite toys with their corresponding numbers, like 2
robots or 8 trucks. You get the idea. There are also templates for “I
have a new sibling,” “Starting school,” or a baby’s “Book of firsts.”
And then there are blank templates should you have your own idea.

There are a couple challenges I have though: I don’t love the
font that they chose. From a teacher’s perspective, it’s super hard for children to
read. And from a purely aesthetic angle, it’s just a little cutesie.
(The actual Twig Tale logo font is way better!)  Another thing that was a
bit confusing was that I selected a bunch of pictures from Facebook to
use, before I realized that they were rejected for lacking image
quality. I wish that there had been more warning signs to stop me
along the way before I’d gone so far down that path.

Still, these are easy fixes. And hey, if you’re less of a font snob than I am, then $20 a book is a very nice deal for a very special gift. Mother’s Day will be here before you know it. -Eva

Custom photo books are available on at

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