One of our favorite things about our job is tracking down the coolest kids’ clothes, whether it’s casual tees, trendy but affordable pieces, or the splurgey stuff that makes you yearn for four more kids for hand-me-downs. You’ll find all of them here, in our picks for our favorite kids’ clothes of 2013.

Cool Mom Picks Best of 2013

Wunway Clothes for Girls
We want pretty much every single thing Wunway makes in our own sizes, but we’ll settle for dressing our girls in it. Moms with growing girls will be thrilled to discover their stylish, age-appropriate clothes that let girls be girls, not teens. Hoochie wear? Consider yourself on notice.


Cool kids' clothes: Winter Water Factory hoodies | Cool Mom Picks

Winter Water Factory Sweatshirts
This label is a longtime indie favorite of ours, but this year, we’re digging their new hoodies for our sons and daughters. The playful, modern, gender-neutral designs are such a nice change from the typical motifs you see everywhere.

Cool kids' clothes: Adelaide Hair Accessories | Cool Mom Picks

Adelaide NYC Hair Accessories
If you want a “fancy” barrette or hair band for a girl who can’t get enough of them, these are beautifully made, charming, and with adorable motifs. Think, scottie dogs, not skulls.

Cool kids' clothes: Bravado Rock tees | Cool Mom Picks

Bravado Rock Tees for Kids
This line exclusively at J Crew made us so happy–real concert tees from real bands, just like mommy wore when she had a life and actually got to do things like see concerts and buy the official overpriced t-shirts on the way out. We hope J Crew brings them back again.


Cool kids' clothes: Peek Kids t-shirts | Cool Mom Picks

Peek Kids heroine t-shirts for girls
Kudos to Peek, for offering a line of girls’ t-shirts this year featuring great women through history. It’s an awesome alternative to “I’m too pretty to do homework” tees, or whatever ridiculous sayings keep popping in stores every few months.

Cool kids' clothes: Caramel Baby and Child | Cool Mom Picks

Caramel Baby and Child
In the splurge category, we’re so happy to discover this line of stunning kids’ clothes, all displayed with the perfect, Pinterest-ready photographs. We could browse here all day–and generally that’s all we do, because it’s pricey. Hold out for the very good seasonal sales.

Cool kids' clothes: H&M online shopping | Cool Mom Picks

H&M for Kids Online
Thank you thank you thank you H&M for finally allowing parents to score stylish kids’ clothes at great prices online. When you can find faux leather motorcycle boots for under $30 and cool Star Wars tees for $12.95 –without even dragging your kid through a mall–you are one very happy parent.

Cool kids' clothes: Luna Leggings | Cool Mom Picks

Luna Leggings
Kristen’s girls refuse to wear anything but leggings, so they’ve got to be sturdy and stylish. Luna Leggings totally fit the bill, and jazz up simple tunics and tees without a lot of effort in the morning.

Cool kids' clothes: Umi riding boots for kids | Cool Mom Picks

Umi Riding Boots
We love that the riding boot look is in for girls, but it’s hard to find a pair without a heel, that will actually be comfortable all day. Umi’s done a great job with their Ada Boots which have great styling, good support, and don’t get beat up so easily. Liz’s daughter has been wearing them all fall and winter and shows no signs of wanting to take them off. Even in bed.

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