My friend, fellow mom, and one-time officemate of mine Joanne turned me onto this Champions Against Bullying anti-bullying video that just launched, and wow. It’s powerful. I see a lot of these and this may be the first one that I rushed to share.

The spot features teens reading beautiful notes of love and encouragement written on their Facebook pages, and I don’t want to give away the end, but warning–it will stab you in the heart.

Full disclosure: The PSA was created by former colleagues of mine at Deutsch NY, but I couldn’t be more pleased to post it. If you have tweens or teens who are ready for conversations about bullying and online bullying, this video is a great way to start the dialogue. Especially since it conveys such a beautifully simple message: Be nice.

Words to live by. In every sense.

You can check out the Champions Against Bullying video PSA on YouTube, and learn more about this organization that provides resources and support to parents, schools, and communities at  They can even bring a workshop or assembly to your own school.