So, there’s this really interesting website called The Book of Life. And I’m trying to figure out how to describe it, but I keep coming up empty. Is it an encyclopedic resource? An online self-help book? A place to turn for philosophical discourse? It’s kind of all of that and more and it’s unlike any website I’ve ever seen.

Brought to you by London’s The School of Life, they’re calling it a book, which it mostly is and a little bit isn’t, because that’s how we’re to use it; by navigating chapters written by multiple contributing authors. The chapters focus on what the site deems the most important topics in the area of emotional life — home, relationships, culture, capitalism and more — each with dozens of their own subtopics that are continually growing and evolving. It’s pretty fascinating.

If you’re struggling with a relationship, check out that chapter in The Book of Life and see what it has to offer under “conflicts.” Like On How to Diffuse an Argument. Or Why You Are So Annoyed By What You Once Admired.

They’ll get you thinking, guaranteed.

The Book of Life website on FOMO

If you want to bring a bit of calm and clarity to your life, this is an interesting way to do it, in bite-size chapters that busy parents can digest. Will it work? I can’t say for sure, but there is a ton of compelling and intelligent writing on the site.

I’m also starting to see Book of Life articles popping up in my Facebook feed as they’re shared by friends and friends of friends. (And, as a matter of fact, I just sent the truly interesting insomnia articles to a friend of mine last night.) So the site must be doing something right.

The Book of Life website: Super fascinating

If nothing else, it’s an awesome source for juicy cocktail party conversation. Want to be the centre of the best conversations at your next social event? Just click on one of the stories in the Capitalism chapter or the Culture chapter before grabbing your bag and heading out.

Check out a chapter or two in The Book of Life and learn something new and astounding. Perfect for starting some small-talk conversation. 

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