While mostly what kids look forward to in a Passover Seder is finding the matzoh, reading the four questions and stuffing their faces with as many macaroons or chocolate-covered Matzoh as possible, a few years back we discovered a clever Passover Haggadah for kids that I think gives them one more reason to look forward to the holiday. And now, what’s better, it’s been turned into a printable Haggadah so it’s even easier to get your hands on it.

Equal parts conversation starter and interactive activity book in the style of Taro GomiMy Haggadah: Made it Myself by Francine Hermelin Levite is a remarkably clever, and thoughtfully presented way to help bring the story of Passover to life in a way that engages kids and keeps them entertained through, what can be, admittedly, a very long time to sit still through dinner.

Let’s just say I have never seen a Haggadah page about the four questions open with a reference to a Nobel prize-winning physicist’s quote about the importance of asking questions. Or a prompt to draw special guests at your seder table, who may include a princess or a lion if you choose.

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My Haggadah: Made It Myself | Awesome Interactive downloadable haggadah for kidsMy Haggadah: Made It Myself | Sample page from the activity book

My Haggadah Made it Myself: Part activity book, part engaging kids' Passover Haggadah

The new downloadable Haggadah PDF is just $18 (worth it, I promise) for all the copies you need. The download includes the entire 62-page book (your choice of single-page or double-sided printing), plus two sticker sheets for some of the activities. Because you know, stickers.

Or if you already own the book, or would rather order the thick, marker-friendly spiral-bound Haggadah from Amazon, you can also order the PDF just to freshen up the pages year after year, or to print a few favorites for some pre-dinner fun.

Just say that there are stickers and your kids will be all in.

Get more info about the printable kids Haggadah My Haggadah: Made it Myself at the website. The price has been updated for 2017.