With a new baby joining our family soon, I’ve been keeping my eye out for a new diaper bag that is stylish enough to work as a handbag when I don’t have my kids in tow. But at the end of the day, a diaper bag is still a diaper bag–with all those compartments built in for bottles and rash cream and other things that spill everywhere. Well, the very smartly designed Idaho hobo diaper bag from Pacapod is just my speed.

Not too fancy, not too designery, not too “oh no, I got what on it the first day out?” More like a Herschel Supply kind of hipster-casual bag than a Gucci.

Pacapod is known for their one-of-a-kind organizing pods, which keep anal parents’ baby gear where you can reach it quickly–because no one wants to be digging through the bottom of a diaper bag for wipes while your baby’s wailing to be changed. When you don’t need your baby gear, or even when you’ve outgrown diaper bags altogether, just leave the pods at home and boom. Your diaper bag is a regular bag.

Albeit one with a fully lined interior.

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The Pacapod Idaho hobo diaper bag has individual "pods" to keep you organized

Pacapod Idaho Bag: A hobo bag that stays organized with pods.


A changing pod comes with the Pacapod Idaho Diaper Bag to keep baby gear organized.

Pacapod Idaho bag: Individual pods for feeding and changing gear remove and attach to your stroller so you don't have to carry them

I admit I was definitely thinking “large hobo + diaper bag = never being able to find anything,” but the pod organizing system really does make it easy, though that has to be your kind of M.O. As for me, in those moments when I need what I need when I need it, like running to the restroom for a quick change (the baby’s, not mine), I just reach in and grab the right pod. Or you can hang what they call the Feeder Lite Pod and the Changer Lite Pod individually over your stroller handles, and carry the hobo effortlessly over your shoulders.

Now I will say I’m not a huge fan of the big logo on front, so you have to decide whether that bothers you or not. Because otherwise, the faux leather and metal buckle accents make this fairly hip for a functional everyday bag. That is, an everyday diaper bag. A big, organized one.

Shop for the Pacapod Idaho diaper bag in black or crimson from our affiliate Amazon, or find more info on the Pacapod website. hanks to the company for sending us a sample to test out.

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