We just keep finding more and more fun, free Father’s Day printables for you all. Which is good news whether you’re looking for a token that’s sweet but not spendy, or even if you already have some big splurgy gift, but really want something a little personal to go along with it. In this case, this free printable Father’s Day survey comes from our friend Lonela at the Tiny Me blog, who we can always count on for just gorgeous, thoughtfully designed printables that she is kind enough to offer up free to her readers.

No comic sans here, my friends. This is the good stuff.

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Free printable for Father's Day: a fill-in-the-blanks survey from the kids from Tiny Me


She calls them Mad Libs but they aren’t really in the classic sense; more like a sweet fill-in-the-blank that can become a card or even a framed gift in itself. And what  I really like is that right off the bat, is that you or your child gets to fill in to whom the printable is for — perfect considering kids may have a Grandpa, a Papa, or a special stepfather beyond just “Dad” to think of this weekend.


Free printable Father's Day set including coupons, cards and more | Tiny Me

Lonela also created this entire amazing set of free Father’s Day printables that we featured last year, which includes coupons, a fill-in-the-blank card, gift wrap and more.

And frankly with this sophisticated a design sensibility, we think adult children could get lots of use out of all these printables too. No Dad ever outgrows reading kind thoughts from his kids.

Check out the free Father’s Day printable at Tiny Me blog. It’s a free download just for subscribing, which is totally worth it if you like seeing pretty things in your inbox.