Though there are sure to be many awesome high-tech toys out there this holiday season, our latest obsession is the adorably low-tech wooden peg dolls by Wooly Llama on Etsy. I mean, what could be better than hearing your kids playing their own imaginary game of Star Wars while making their best beep-beep-boop noises for the wee little R2D2 peg? Or doing their own version of Harry Potter complete with a rolly-polly Hagrid?

Beyond those two huge franchises, Wooly Llama has even more incredibly cute wooden peg dolls, with sets paying homage to the casts of Lord of the Rings, and Percy Jackson so you can pick one that appeals most to your bookworm. There are brightly colored peg doll princesses you might recognize, along with famous peg doll superheroes and Super Villains that could create some epic battle scenes all together. We also love their child-size peg doll play sets that come with a painted carrying case so that their peg dolls can come along wherever you go.

Hand-painted wooden Harry Potter peg dolls from Wooly Llama

Hand-painted, wooden Princess peg dolls from Wooly Llama

Hand-painted wooden Super Villain Peg Dolls from Wooly Llama

Hand-painted wooden pirate peg dolls with carrying case from Wooly Llama


And, if you are looking for a modern nativity set that’s a little off the beaten path, Wooly Llama has a few adorable options, including a twee Kokeshi-inspired set that uses a little wooden box that doubles as both display and storage.


Hand-painted, wooden, Kokeshi-style Nativity set from Wooly Llama

Whether you have a cool kid in mind for these dolls or a pop culture-loving adult is entirely up to you–in fact we know a lot of adults who would love to set these up on an office desk or would be delighted to find a single peg doll as a stocking stuffer. But at only 3 1/2″ tall for many of their dolls–and even smaller for the tinier characters–we’d only recommend these dolls for people old enough not to chew on Yoda’s ears.


Be sure to order Wooly Llama’s Little Wooden People on Etsy by November 16 for Christmas delivery for their made-to-order, hand-painted peg doll set. Special orders are available by contacting the shop owner.