We always have the best time looking for cool Valentine’s Day gift ideas for our kids, whether they’re toddlers, tweens or teens.  Hey, it’s not like they’re expecting spendy chocolate truffles or diamond jewelry! Of course not every family exchanges Valentine’s gifts — and we still think cards are always terrific — but for those who do, we love all of these cool Valentine’s gifts for kids.

Think of them as sweet ways for kids to give a little love to a sibling or best friend, or for parents or grandparents to shower a child with love, with something besides those chalky hearts.

(Mmmm…chalky hearts.)

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21 cool Valentine's Day gift ideas for kids from toddlers to teens | Cool Mom Picks

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Red cubebot wooden puzzle: Cool Valentine's Day gift ideas for kids

Red Micro Cubebot puzzle by Areaware ($9.89, Amazon; $14.85 for the small Cubebot)

Our kids are obsessed with these little guys who can fold into a cube and back into a robot again. Perfect for fidgety hands in restaurants or long car rides.


Really like this rainbow love tee by Peek | Valentine's Day gift ideas for kids

Rainbow Love Tee by Peek ($34, Nordstrom)

We admit it, we’re glad rainbows our back. And so are our girls, who would love wearing this all year round.


Handmade rainbow wooden heart Waldorf sizing game | Cool Valentine's Day gift ideas for kids

Waldorf Heart Sizing Game ($19, Mama May I)

Such a cool little Valentine’s Day gift idea for a toddler or preschooler from a lovely little Etsy shop.


KidRox volume-limiting headsets | Cool Valentine's Day gift ideas for kids

KidsRox Volume Limiting Headphones ($22.99, Amazon)

Even better, toss in an iTunes gift card or throw a few credits into your child’s iTunes account. Now that really is love.


Emoji heart shades pin: Fun Valentine's Day gift ideas for kids

Emoji Heart Shades Pin ($11.99, Pop Glory)

They need to make this emoji, for real.

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LEGO limited edition Valentine's Cupid Dog | Fun Valentine's gift ideas for kids

LEGO Valentine’s Cupid Dog ($9.99, LEGO)

This is a hot Valentine’s Day gift this year — grab it while it’s hot. Dog.


Valentine's Day gift ideas for kids: Strawberry Cream Sassy Hearts handmade lollipops are for kids who have outgrown the free ones at the hair salon

Valentine’s Lollipops ($21/3, A Secret Forest)

For those kids who have outgrown the free ones at the hair salon, the handmade lollipop designs from this cool LA shop are simply outrageous. All-natural flavors too, should you need a little more incentive.

Valentine's Day gift ideas for kids: Lovely little wooden heart puzzle in a bag

Wooden Heart Jigsaw Puzzle ($14.98, Magic Cabin)

We love Tree Hopper Toys, which makes all kinds of cool, affordable wooden gifts for kids right in the US, and their heart puzzle in a bag is a wonderful token.


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Personalized heart notebook at Minted | Cool Valentine's Day gift ideas for kids

Personalized initial heart notebook ($16 Minted)

Whether you’ve got a toddler or a teen, what a cool Valentine’s Day gift idea for just 16 bucks.

MIB Voice recorder: Fun way to leave messages for the kids and more personal than texting | Valentine's Day gift ideas for kids

MIB Voice Box Recorder ($66, Brand New Noise)

We love all of Brand New Noise’s handmade sound machines, but this is perfect for Valentine’s Day — record a message for your kids and pop up the flag like an old fashioned mailbox. Then they can leave one back. So much cooler than texting.


Winged heart mohawk snowboarder hat on Etsy | Cool Valentine's Day gift ideas for kids

Winged Heart Mohawk Snowboarder Hat ($30, Tory Makes)

We found this shop recently and are totally digging this snowboarder style mohawk hat, in sizes for babies, kids, teens or even adults.




Darth Vader Valentine's tee for kids: Fun!

Darth Vader Valentine kids’ tee ($12.99, Cross Country Design)

Perfect for kids too young to have sat through the movies, but old enough to know a cool t-shirt when they see one.




What Does it Mean to Be Kind? | Lovely Valentine's Day gift idea for kids

What Does It Mean to be Kind? by Rana DiOrio ($12.75, Amazon)

We’re big fans of this special book that talks about kindness to kids in the most perfect way. What a special gift that keeps on giving.


Personalized superhero cape on Etsy | Fun Valentine's Day gifts for kids

Personalized Superhero Cape ($34, Super Kid Capes)

Love this Etsy shop with great service, speedy delivery for personalized gifts, and a ton of superhero designs including this heart cape.

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Valentine's Day gift ideas for kids: Jam classic wireless speaker in red is perfect for tweens and teens and just $20!

Jam Classic Wireless Bluetooth Speaker in Red ($20, Amazon)

If you have a music-crazy kid, they’ll love this little jam jar sized speaker with decent sound at a great price.



LEGO heart necklace from Bricks Rock: Cool Valentine's Day gift ideas for kids

LEGO Heart Necklace ($10, Bricks Rock)

Perfect gift from a girl to her bestie.


Cool Valentine's Day gift ideas for kids: DIY Candy Cottage Kit

DIY Candy Cottage ($29.95, The Grommet)

Okay, so this is the gift that grandparents get the kids even though you told them no candy. But deep down, you secretly love it and pick off the gummies when your kids are sleeping. Hypothetically.


Fun heart balloons: Valentine's Day gift ideas

Heart balloons ($8/30-pack, Oh Happy Day)

Whether you fill the house with them, or hand them out and let the kids blow them up, we love these!


Smiley emoji hat | Fun Valentine's Day gift ideas for kids

Smiley Emoji Baseball Hat ($15, Nordstrom)

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the emoji crazy kid. We may know one or two of those…or maybe 100.


I'm so glad you're my son/daughter gift sets: Sweet Valentine's Day gift for kids from parents

I’m So Glad You’re My Daughter/ I’m So Glad You’re My Son Gift Set ($29.95, Amazon)

Hey, we’re parents. We get to be mushy when it comes to our kids, okay?