My kids are huge fans of the fun pop culture Easter eggs we’ve featured at Cool Mom Picks and the cool¬†ice cream cone eggs¬†over at Cool Mom Eats. Plus,¬†these¬†galaxy¬†eggs¬†are geeking them out too. But I have to say, I love pretty floral Easter eggs in springtime.

So I went searching through the sites of some of my favorite bloggers and found 9 gorgeous tutorials for the prettiest floral Easter egg decorating ideas.

If you want to really impress your brunch guests this year, in the prettiest way possible, try one of these.

At top: DIY tissue paper eggs | Say Yes

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DIY floral Easter egg decorating ideas: Eric Carle-style flowers at Bugaboo City

Eric Carle is one of my very favorite children’s book authors, so when I saw these¬†floral Easter eggs at Bugaboo City in his iconic collage style, I was smitten. Kim’s¬†technique is simple, and I was happy to see she shows us how to make some of his most famous characters too.


DIY floral Easter egg decorating ideas: Watercolor flowers at Grow Creative

You need a¬†bit of artistic skill to pull off these pretty¬†watercolor flower Easter eggs at Grow Creative. If you have a steady hand with the paintbrush, you’ll really impress at your Easter party this year. But even if yours come out looking a bit more abstract than hers, they’ll still be gorgeous.


DIY floral Easter egg decorating ideas: Wood grain flowers at Flax and Twine

The folk art¬†wood grain floral Easter eggs¬†that Anna over at Flax and Twine made this year are so so pretty. If you’re into neutral¬†color palettes and a more simplistic look, this just might be the one to try this year. Click over to see what she uses¬†to get that lovely wood-grain look on her eggs.

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DIY floral Easter egg decorating ideas: Watercolor eggs at Dream a Little Bigger

I love the modern flair to these watercolor flower Easter eggs at Dream a Little Bigger. Click over to see her pro tips on creating this cool watercolor effect. You might choose to let your kids paint the big swaths of color, then you can go back later to turn those colorful shapes into pretty flowers.


DIY floral Easter egg decorating ideas: relief print flower eggs at Freutcake

I’m fascinated by this new technique that’s trending all over the craft sites: dyeing relief floral print eggs, like these colorful, vibrant ones¬†at Freutcake. The process is actually very simple and the result is stunning. Click over for the surprisingly easy instructions.

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DIY floral Easter egg decorating ideas: Otomi print eggs at Homemade Banana

Got markers? Then you can make these cool¬†Otomi print Easter eggs.¬†Homemade Banana shares some good tips on how to make these like a pro. I love the simplicity of this craft, because my kids can definitely¬†have fun making these too! You can make anything you want, of course, but those flowers…so pretty.


DIY floral Easter egg decorating ideas: 3D paper flowers at Tell Love and Party

You can make a huge impact without a huge effort by adding an unexpected 3D feature to your eggs, like these paper cutouts to make paper flower Easter eggs at Tell Love and Party. Click over for a full list of supplies.


DIY floral Easter egg decorating ideas: Tissue paper eggs at Say Yes

Whoa, I could never paint eggs this gorgeous. But that’s no problem, because these¬†DIY tissue paper Easter eggs¬†(also shown at top) aren’t actually painted. Click over to Say Yes to see how it’s done! If your heart is set on this particular pattern, you’re in luck — it’s available as a printable via the link at the tutorial.


DIY floral Easter egg decorating ideas: DIY flower eggs at A Daily Something

It simply does not get any easier than these fresh flowers eggs at A Daily Something. I included these in my best easy Easter egg decorating ideas roundup a couple of years ago, and this is still a favorite of mine. Fresh flowers, so simple. So pretty.