We know a little something about reinvention after motherhood and women entrepreneurs. Hey, Kristen did an entire TedX talk about it! And I’ve made a few career switches myself — finally landing on¬†this sweet gig¬†that¬†Kristen and I created for ourselves.

The best part is, Cool Mom Picks has allowed us to support so many other entrepreneurial women who have found themselves in similar situations, wanting to embark on a new business venture that will enable them to wake up every day feeling excited. Just like we do.

So we’re always down to share¬†any companies, organizations, or resources that for¬†women entrepreneurs — and not just moms, obviously — who are looking to make a career change, get back to the workplace after a break of some kind, or even turn a personal passion into their own small business.

That’s also why we’re such fans of our newest partner,¬†The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Entrepreneur Maria Marlowe describes the job of a professional health coach

Video: IIN graduate and entrepreneur Maria Marlowe describes the life of a health coach


They saw how many women (and yes, men too) were passionate about fitness, nutrition, and healthy living as well as helping others.

So they put together a terrific online educational program featuring some major names (Arianna Huffington! Marion Nestle!), to help get you all the resources you need to start a career as a health coach, helping others to live their best lives too.

Plus, they put together a truly amazing discount for CMP readers: 25% off the full price of the Integrative Nutrition Program for a limited time! (details below) 

So on on behalf of IIN, I’ve put together this list of truly helpful¬†resources for women in the process of reinvention.

Whether you’re ready for a career change, a new business idea, or whatever personal reinvention makes your heart flutter just a little bit faster, I really hope these ideas help.

Top photo:Thought Catalog for Unsplash


1. Daily Worth

Daily Worth: One of our top resources for women entrepreneurs or those looking to make a big career change
This¬†website and community started by Amanda Steinberg provides excellent info relating to women and money: how to earn more of it, save more of it, and spend it more wisely. But while there’s a ton of info on the site specifically about topics like taxes, investing, and the ins and outs of small business loans, I really like the career advice that’s perfect for women in the phase of reinvention.

Visit the site and click around for articles like¬†how to explain a gap on your resume after a baby;¬†networking strategies you haven’t thought of yet; and¬†thoughts¬†from 6 successful women on work-life balance.

You may find the nudge you need to get you going — or maybe¬†keep you going.

2. The U.S. Small Business Administration website

Yes, you can find info about securing loans for your small business here. But there’s a lot more on this site that’s incredibly valuable, including scores¬†of helpful articles.

If you’re wondering whether¬†entrepreneurship right for you, tips for writing a business plan¬†(scary for those of us non-MBAs, I know), or looking for really specific¬†info about business laws or¬†taxes,¬†you can find it here.


3. She Worx

She Worx is a fantastic new resource for women entrepreneurs at any stageImage © She Worx

She Worx¬†defines themselves as a “global collective of ambitious female entrepreneurs redefining leadership” and I have to say, I love that the word ambitious is right there, front and center, without apology.

Founded by women for women (and with a board including some of our own favorite ambitious, accomplished women), She Worx offer roundtables, educational summits, and conferences to help provide business-minded women with a likeminded community, while offering actionable business strategies and access to mentors and investors.


4.  Online courses that offer specific training (like Integrative Nutrition, of course)

Some of the incredible guest teachers for the online Integrative Nutrition health coaching courses | sponsor

We don’t all have the time (hi, motherhood), money, or even access to lengthy degree¬†programs, and it may not even be necessary.

Fortunately, there are so so many incredible online programs available that give you all the tools, materials, and education you need to pursue your passion and reinvent yourself with a whole new career. And one of those programs just so happens to come from our sponsor, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

The incredible list of guest teachers¬†reads like a who’s who of entrepreneurship, health and nutrition experts:

-Marion Nestle talks about food politics.

-Kate Northrup offers advice on financial empowerment.

-Christiane Northrup¬†focuses on women’s health.

-Dr. Barry Sears, of Zone fame, discusses inflammation and diet.

-In the current curriculum, Deepak Chopra is also teaching a lecture on spirituality, purpose and well-being which sounds amazing; while Arianna Huffington imparts her wisdom about thriving as an entrepreneur.

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition's blog is filled with helpful resources for entrepreneurs looking to make a move into health coaching

As for the dynamics of the course, you can study absolutely¬†anywhere, any time (thanks, internet!), you have access to full lessons and expert lectures, assignments, quizzes and discussion questions. In the end, you’ll have everything you need to launch your own health coaching practice (which is a huge thing now by the way!), from the website to the¬†business cards. Pretty cool.

So of course, whatever it is you are passionate about, be sure to look online for the best possible programs that will get you closest to your goals of turning that passion into a career.

Bonus: If you do want that degree? The Institute for Integrative Nutrition¬†can earn you up to 40 college credits toward a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. That’s a good feature¬†to look into with any online course, and really speaks to the validity and quality of the education you’ll receive.

Huge discount for CMP readers: Try one of the nutrition classes today for free
AND get 25% off the full price of the Integrative Nutrition Program when you sign up now.
For details, email influencers@IntegrativeNutrition.com. Offer expires May 31.


5. Must-Read Print and Digital Magazines

Inc.: One of our must-reads for women entrepreneurs
There are so many fantastic magazines that make it easy to find just the right¬†content¬†for you as an entrepreneur, that we’re just scratching the surface here. And while you can certainly read online (mostly for free, or at least a limited number of articles), when you subscribe, you often have access to even more relevant info, plus special deals and notifications right in your inbox.

And? Tax deductible!

Entrepreneur Magazine

The Broadsheet: A free subscription newsletter from Fortune featuring inspiring women in business

Inc. Magazine

Diversity Women

Fast Company

Success Magazine

Lioness Magazine: This digital magazine for female entrepreneurs is free, but you can subscribe to the program for some added benefits.


6. Grow Her Business

This site provides¬†really helpful¬†lists of resources specifically for women entrepreneurs, whether you’re in the startup phase or pushing to the next level. It’s a great way to seek out¬†investment groups, alternative lenders, conferences in your community and more.

One caveat is that it was launched¬†by National Women’s Business Council,¬†which is a federal council advising Congress, the Small Business Association, and the Executive Branch; so we can’t say for sure how much support it will be getting from the new administration. But, for now, you’ll find some valuable resources when¬†you click over.


7. Accelerators and early funders like SheEO and NewME

SheEO: One of the outstanding resources for women entrepreneurs, whether you're seeking funding or just getting started thinking about a life changevia SheEO

I love the trend of investor groups dedicated exclusively to women — or at least not actively excluding them like lots of traditional VCs.

SheEO is a¬†smart, fairly new organization encouraging “radical generosity” exclusively to women-run businesses and startups — and to as many of them as possible. (See their ambitious plan for 2020 above.) As opposed to angel investors or VCs which have a stake in your new business, SheEO is essentially crowdfunding gifts of $1,000 each from 1,000 different women to help 10¬†ventures succeed each year.

If you’ve got a new business idea, whether you’re looking to develop a life-changing new¬†app or a line of nutritional products to support your new wellness¬†coach business, there could be lots of potential in applying for grants through SheEO.


Another organization that I really like is NewME, founded by entrepreneur Angela Benton, who you may know as one of the Queen Boss judges. Dedicated to minority entrepreneurs, it’s a smart way to help you¬†identify strengths, particularly¬†if you come from a¬†non-traditional background and want to leverage them to your benefit.

They have an online platform to offer help conveniently, as well as the bigger commitment of a one-week accelerator program in Miami, after which you can pitch potentially interested investors.


8. Amazon, your library, or your local bookstore

Year of YES: A must-read book for female entrepreneurs, or anyone needing a nudge to make some changes

Wow, books! Remember those?

There’s a wealth of info in books just for women who are reinventing, and they go deeper than any one article on any one website.

Melanie Deziel on Inc has put together a quite good list of 9 must-read books written by women for women entrepreneurs¬†beyond the usual, from the more business-focused¬†#GIRLBOSS, to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.

I’d personally¬†recommend the wonderful Brene Brown classic¬†Daring Greatly¬†which can absolutely change your mindset about everything in life, let alone entrepreneurship; and Shonda Rhimes’ outstanding¬†Year of Yes¬†which¬†describes her fears of failure with such honesty and humor, you can’t help but feel motivated and inspired.

Amazing inspirational quote from Shonda Rhimes from Year of YES

Also check out The Pie Life¬†if you’re struggling with work-life balance, which we discussed with author Samantha Ettus on a recent episode of Spawned.

And hey, there’s even a super popular book specifically about…reinvention! Check out¬†Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future¬†by Dorie Clark, which offers step-by-step suggestions and interviews with some major bigwigs, to help you assess your strengths, take control of your career, build your reputation, and make your mark.


9. TED Talks

TED Talks: Fabulous resource for women entrepreneurs and those looking to reinvent or change careers
There are so many relevant TED¬†Talks that are both fun and inspiring, so go browse when you have a few minutes to spare. Of course, I’d suggest starting with¬†Kristen’s own TedX talk about Cool Mom Picks¬†(not that I’m biased, ahem), but search the main site¬†topics — if it’s not too overwhelming!

You’ll find short TED Talk videos on entrepreneurship, motivation, and productivity. Plus, all sorts of topics related to¬†your specific passions,¬†whether it’s parenting, relationships, astronomy,¬†sports or health care.

But what I really like are the playlists curated by topic; for example, within Happiness (above)¬†you’ll find¬†playlists specifically¬†related to¬†A Better You¬†or¬†How to Work Happier. Hard to go wrong there!

(And psst…if you use a device like Roku, you can also use the TED Talk channel to watch right on the big screen while you’re folding laundry or eating lunch, which is what I do.)


10. LinkedIn

linkedin is the MUST-USE resource for all women entrepreneurs or those looking to make a career change

It should go without saying, but if you’re not on LinkedIn — and that means, with a full profile that’s completely up-to-date — do it stat! It’s absolutely the best online¬†resource for women entrepreneurs interested in¬†professional networking.

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is where people who connect with you really do want to hear about your new venture, the fabulous profile of you that appeared online, your call for vendors or support, and your pitch for new clients.

Plus, be sure to search for “your people” among the LinkedIn groups, which can give you even more access to a like-minded community, and the chance to discover opportunities, mentors, and supportive allies that you might never have found elsewhere.

Thanks so much to our sponsor, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, for supporting entrepreneurship and reinvention, and for making it so easy and affordable for women to find a career they can really love. 

Be sure to sign up to try¬†a sample¬†nutrition class today (it’s free!) AND¬†get 25% off the full price of the Integrative Nutrition Program¬†when you sign up¬†now. For details, just email¬†influencers@IntegrativeNutrition.com. Offer expires May 31.